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5 Days Of Full Body Dumbbell Workout [Infographic]

on February 28, 2022


5 days of dumbbell workout


    If you want a stronger body, strength training is indispensable. In the choice of strength training, besides bare-handed strength training, it is equipment training. Among strength training, dumbbell exercises are the most common. The reasons are as follows:

    • Small and easy to implement, does not take up space, and is easy to use
    • Compared with fixed devices, the range of motion is larger,
    • More targeted, able to improve the imbalance of left and right arm strength through intensive training
    • Safer than heavy equipment
    • The range of motion can be adjusted according to needs, which is more flexible
    • From light to heavy, there is always one that suits you

    For the most people, the purpose of exercise has never been to participate in bodybuilding competitions, and there will not be too much time to enter the gym, so as long as you prepare a pair of dumbbells, exercise at home can fully meet your needs.

    IFAST has prepared a full body dumbbell workout week plan for everyone! What to exercise every day has been planned for you, and you can exercise the muscles of the whole body by sticking to it for a week. To participate, simply follow the instructions in the image below.


    5 days of full body dumbbell workout


    If you want to cite this infographic, you can use the following code:

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    Here is the video tutorial:



    IFAST adjustable dumbbells can help you complete your training program better!


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