leg day with dumbbells | Day 5


The leg workout is a comprehensive exercise routine focusing on building strength, muscle, and endurance in the lower body using dumbbells.

Let's start dumbbell leg training today!



Dumbbell Legs Workout


Day 5: Legs Workout







⚠️:This action may not be very beautiful, but one thing to pay attention to is to try to keep the dumbbells always above the ankles and move up and down so that the hips and legs are the most stressed. If the dumbbells are too forward, you will feel discomfort at the waist. If you are too backward, you will easily fall. . When the force reaches the apex, try to keep the knee joint slightly flexed, otherwise the force will not always be on the hips and legs but the joints.


Lunge Squat


Lunge Squat IFAST


⚠️: The distance to step forward is about shoulder-width or 1.5 times shoulder width. When applying force, make sure to stand firm and apply vertical force up and down. Otherwise, one leg will fatigue easily and shake easily.




Deadlift IFAST


⚠️: During the whole exercise, keep your back straight and not hunched.When the dumbbell is lowered, the buttocks should also be moved back slowly to ensure that the dumbbell is always close to the body during the entire exercise. When the dumbbells are placed below the knees, the hips sink slightly, the knee joints are slightly forward, and the calves are slightly forward, but the knee joints cannot exceed the toes.


Bent leg curl


Bent leg curl IFAST


⚠️: Both feet must control the dumbbells. Friends who are not used to it for the first time can use a water bottle a few times. Don’t use dumbbells to get smashed. One more thing to note is to keep the back of the thigh under pressure. When the calf is up to the vertical ground position, the back of the thigh is almost no force at this stage when the heel is close to the buttocks beyond the vertical position.


Leg Curls


Leg Curls IFAST


⚠️: It’s a bit like an abdomen exercise if you don’t pay attention, but the main purpose is to train the front of the thigh. This action requires the core to have a certain strength to ensure the stability of the torso, and the thighs remain almost motionless, only the knee joints When you straighten your legs, you can pause and tighten the front side of your thighs.

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Number of training groups

For training actions on different training days, you can generally train 3 to 6 groups, depending on your actual state, and gradually progress.


Weight Selection

Novices can use lighter weights to feel the power of the target muscles and gradually increase the weight.

Experienced trainers can choose to repeat 8-12 times of exhausting weight for training.

 The IFAST dumbbell whole body training exercise is over, have you learned it? Don't forget to stretch after training, Next, IFAST will explain to you how to warm up before working out and how to relax after working out. Please continue to pay attention!

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