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resistance band chest workout

9 best resistance band chest exercises | IFAST

Today IFAST will introduce 9 exercises of resistance band chest training. As long as the method is correct, the resistance band can become a sharp tool to increase muscle!
on January 13, 2022
Resistance band arm workout

Resistance band arm workout | IFAST

What we want to tell you today is that arm training using resistance bands is a training activity, which is very suitable to be done at home. If you are a girl, then you can also complete these exercises, which will help you burn the excess fat in your arms and make your arms very beautiful.
on January 06, 2022
resistance band workout

Resistance band leg workouts | IFAST

An resistance band can be said to be the easiest fitness equipment. It is not only light to carry but also takes up almost no space. The most important thing is that it is very cheap.
on January 03, 2022
back workout ifast

15 Back Workouts For Building Muscle | IFAST

Many people always feel that their backs do not feel and cannot exert force during training. This time is when the back workout is needed. The muscles of the back are relatively large, so we will train more movements than other muscle groups. 
on December 09, 2021
Exercise Bike HIIT Workout | IFAST

Exercise Bike HIIT Workout | IFAST

There are many vigorous exercise programs you can try, but you can hardly find an effective method like HIIT. If that’s not enough to convince you, here is some compelling information about our HIIT exercise bike workouts, and why it’s a good idea for people of all fitness levels to try them.
on December 06, 2021
exercise bike workout

Treadmill Vs Exercise Bike Vs Elliptical Machine | IFAST

There are three ways of contacting treadmills, exercise bikes, and elliptical machines. However, friends who have just started exercising may have some doubts. Treadmills, exercise bikes and elliptical machines, these three types of equipment, which one is more is suitable for indoor exercise. 
on December 02, 2021