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Exercise Bike HIIT Workout | IFAST

Exercise Bike HIIT Workout | IFAST

There are many vigorous exercise programs you can try, but you can hardly find an effective method like HIIT. If that’s not enough to convince you, here is some compelling information about our HIIT exercise bike workouts, and why it’s a good idea for people of all fitness levels to try them.
on December 06, 2021
exercise bike workout

Treadmill Vs Exercise Bike Vs Elliptical Machine | IFAST

There are three ways of contacting treadmills, exercise bikes, and elliptical machines. However, friends who have just started exercising may have some doubts. Treadmills, exercise bikes and elliptical machines, these three types of equipment, which one is more is suitable for indoor exercise. 
on December 02, 2021
25 Best kettlebell Workout

25 Best kettlebell Movement | IFAST

As a fitness enthusiast who is gradually upgrading, your small equipment will always gradually increase, and among the many small equipment, kettlebells will always become one of them. Although at present, the kettlebell is a common small device, but what are its exercise?
on October 31, 2021
EZ bar reverse curl

How to do a reverse curl?| IFAST

Everyone knows that barbell curls are a good way to exercise upper limb muscles, especially reverse barbell curls. Reverse curls can not only train the biceps and forearms but are also little known. How to do a reverse curl?
on October 09, 2021
How to do a hammer curl? | IFAST

How to do a hammer curl? | IFAST

The "hammer curl" can not only exercise our biceps but also stimulate the "brachial muscles". How to do a hammer curl?
on October 07, 2021
EZ bar curl ifast

How to do the EZ bar curl? | IFAST

EZ bar curl is like that. Champions of every era have used it, and many people in the fitness world are now using it. It is the main exercise of many biceps training, if you haven’t already, you should do it.
on October 03, 2021