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                Strength training is also called weight training and resistance training. In recent years, with the increasing fitness heat and people's pursuit of good body, strength training has been recognized and accepted by more and more people. It is an inevitable condition to gain a good figure with bumps and bumps. It has many advantages for you.

                Strength training can prevent osteoporosis

                Many studies have confirmed that continuous exercise can avoid the loss of calcium in bones, and further increase bone density, which is particularly important for the elderly and women. And strength training is more effective than aerobic exercise, because weight training can make the bones in the training area feel pressure, and then increase the bone density.

                Although the impact of aerobic can also have the same effect, it also brings impact to the joints, which is very unfavorable to the elderly who often have joint problems. Research shows that even the elderly over 70 years old, after strength training for 30 minutes three times a week, the problem of osteoporosis can be significantly improved.

                Strength training can consume a lot of heat

                More than 30 minutes of aerobic consumption of fat has a relatively high proportion, but in terms of the heat consumed per unit time, strength training is far more effective than aerobic.

                Compared with the problem that aerobic energy consumption will decrease after the body habit, the amount of heat consumed by strength training can be said to be unlimited. As long as you increase the weight, the heat consumed will become larger. For the modern people with limited time, it is a method to consume large amount of heat in a short time.


                Strength training can partially sculpt the body, but cardio workouts can't

                I have emphasized this concept many times. Aerobic can only eliminate fat all over the body. As for that part, the elimination speed is different according to everyone's genes. But some places are the easiest to pile up fat, but the most difficult to eliminate, so often appear to be thin to the place should not be thin, the thin is not thin.

                It's very likely that you've gone on an cardio diet, but in the end, you're like a tribute pill with four toothpicks. Instead of making yourself like a hungry African, you'd better do aerobic fat reduction on the one hand, and do more strength training to strengthen the already too thin parts on the other hand.


                IFAST FITNESS always provide many strength training equipments, such as adjustable dumbbells set 110 LB, Olympic bumper plateHex rubber dumbbells weight set and so on.

                Strength Training Equipment (14)

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