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barbell set with weight bench
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What You Get From The Hip Training Set

IFAST barbell glute set works by using suitable resistance to achieve shaping and hip lifting and gives you muscle workouts, including obliques, Abs, inner/outer thighs, quads, and hamstrings.

Super Glute & Leg Workout & Bench Press Set

It can be done as a strength movement on its own or as a training set. The glute bridges can promote stabilization of your core, pelvis, and lower body and activate three different types of gluteal muscle groups in your buttocks: the gluteus maximus, the gluteus medius, and the gluteus minimus.

Ergonomic Design

Our hip training set is designed to primarily isolate and work out the glute muscles using just the right amount of resistance. That means you effectively burn your glute and target that nice perky look in a short exercise and get results fast. Working your core can help improve posture and body strength.

Work Out More Comfortably

High-density foam pad creates a cushion for your neck or waist, provides optimal support and comfort during your training, allows you to train in a much easier and more comfortable way, and protects from injury. Perform high-intensity squats, lunge squats, and glute bridges without straining your muscles.

Multiple Exercises

Recommended for beginners or pros! Perfect for runners, dancers, athletes, etc. For bodybuilding figures and lines, what do you want to train, or do you want to relieve tension from the discs and nerves? Such as yoga assistance, fitness beauty, lipid reduction molding, enhancing physical fitness, and rehabilitation training.


1. 10lbs&15lbs Weight Plates+4Ft Barbell bar+Barbell Pad

2. 10lbs&15lbs Weight Plates+4Ft Barbell bar+Weight bench+Barbell Pad

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