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IFAST Trap Bar With 20-210LB Bumper Plates
Olympic 2-Inch Hex Trap Bar
90lbs(45lbs *2)110lbs(55lbs *2)160lbs(10lbs *2/25lbs *2/45lbs *2)210lbs(25lbs *2/35lbs *2/45lbs *2)


Olympic hex bars are excellent heavy-duty steel (not hollow) with more than 1000-Pound capacity. Designed for repeated use and long-lasting. Whether training in the garage or the gym owner, this weight lifting trap bar can meet your needs. Multiple knurling positions and lengths for your convenience and safety. Regular and raised handles to give you more flexibility when you work with them. Allow you to load more weights., which allows you to perform with a more excellent range of muscle contraction and development.

IFAST bumper plates have an IWF standard 450MM diameter, minimal surface imperfections, and a weight within 1% of their target. Combined with stainless steel inserts and quality virgin rubber. The 2-inch steel collar center ensures they fit onto all standard bars, racks, and sleds. It also has a lipped edge for safe handling. Perfect for Olympic weight bumper plates where you’re often dropping the bar from shoulder height and above, Expertly designed stainless steel "hooked" insert that remains firmly seated. Extremely durable virgin rubber will last for years.IFAST has provided many high-quality fitness products. You don't need much to build a garage or home gym; here has fantastic and fits the essential equipment, Your time matters! Life may get in the way, but IFAST is always there when you want to bust out a Full-Body Workout. Here's the living proof!

We offer you 8 options for the Olympic Bumper Weight Plates.

Option 1:20lbs(10lbs *2) x1 PCS

Option 2:30lbs(15lbs *2) x1 PCS

Option 3:50lbs(25lbs *2) x1 PCS

Option 4:70lbs(35lbs *2) x1 PCS

Option 5:90lbs(45lbs *2) x1 PCS

Option 6:110lbs(55lbs *2) x1 PCS

Option 7:160lbs(10lbs *2/25lbs *2/45lbs *2) x1 PCS

Option 8:210lbs(25lbs *2/35lbs *2/45lbs *2) x1 PCS