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                IFAST provides packages of different fitness equipment to meet the diverse needs of different fitness lovers and quickly build a home gym. We supply 5 home gym setups for you, main products including power rack, cable attachment set, Olympic bar, bumper weight plates, weight bench, and so on.  These home gym packages will help you complete your workout better!

                In order to improve the user experience, so that you can receive your fitness equipment and start your training plan faster, IFAST has developed a local pickup service! Only the "home gym package" category package products in the station currently support delivery.


                Home Gym Package (10)

                IFAST Power Rack 1000LB Capacity With 7ft Olympic Bar 210lb...


                IFAST 100-300LBs Weights Gym Package Home Gym System Power Cage...


                IFAST 1000LB Capacity Power Rack With Olympic Bar 340lb Weight...


                IFAST Power Rack 1000lb Capacity Multi-Function Adjustable Power Cage


                IFAST Power Rack With Pull Down Machine Set Adjustable Weight...


                IFAST 1000LB Capacity Power Cage With LAT Pulldown


                IFAST Power Rack 1000LB Capacity With Adjustable Weight Bench


                IFAST 44-110LB Adjustable Dumbbells Weight Set With Adjustable Weight Bench


                IFAST 50-210LB Cast Iron Olympic Barbell Weight Plates With Olympic...

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