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IFAST white power rack with bench
white power rack with LAT pulldown
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IFAST Power Rack With Bench Cable Attachment 3 Colors
IFAST Power Rack With Bench Cable Attachment 3 Colors
IFAST Power Rack With Bench Cable Attachment 3 Colors
IFAST Power Rack With Bench Cable Attachment 3 Colors
IFAST Power Rack With Bench Cable Attachment 3 Colors
IFAST Power Rack With Bench Cable Attachment 3 Colors
IFAST Power Rack With Bench Cable Attachment 3 Colors
IFAST Power Rack With Bench Cable Attachment 3 Colors


IFAST Power Rack With Bench Cable Attachment 3 Colors

Sale price$598.00
Choose the color of the power rack:Blue
Choose what you want:Cable Attachment

One of the most exciting things for fitness buffs is building your home gym for yourself.
We offer a wide range of options for you to choose from, depending on your actual needs. These home gym essentials provide exceptional training for various fitness levels and workouts. Perform all of your Olympic lifts on our 1000-lb heavy-duty power cage while utilizing our premium adjustable bench. The practice bar gives you the ultimate in lifting and squatting.

Firstly, you should choose the color of the power cage you prefer. The IFAST Power Cage with Lat Pulldown has 3 colors available (blue, green, and white), and you have more freedom to build your home gym. Except for the color, the other parts of the power cage are totally the same.

IFAST power racks with cables 3 colors

The best power rack with pulley system is a functional piece of equipment that decreases the risk of injury when lifting solo and at higher weights. Constructed with 2'' X 2'' upright steel frames, this power cage with lat pulldown has an up to 1000lb weight capacity, giving you the flexibility for multiple strength training exercises, within a safe environment and in a compact space. With a large walk-in space and rubber feet, it ensures stability and protects your flooring. The upgraded 4-foot support reinforces the stability of the weight cage power rack and protects the floor from scratches while not shaking during strength training. Our product guarantees your exercise safety.


mother rack workout

Depending on the needs of the user, we have the following four fitness package choices available.

Option 1:
IFAST Power Cage x1 PCS
LAT Pull-Down Attachments x1 PCS
This LAT pull-down attachment includes 1 * V-Shaped Bar +1 * Straight Rotating Bar + 1 * V Handle with Rotation + 1* Nylon Braided Tricep Rope + 4* Snap Hooks. IFAST LAT cable pull-down is perfect for building stronger triceps with various compound pushing exercises, assisting muscles around elbows, wrists, back, and shoulders.

Option 2:
IFAST Power Cage x1 PCS
Adjustable FID Weight Bench x1 PCS
With 12 position adjustments of heavy-duty commercial quality steel, this IFAST FID weight bench can meet different workouts. Not only is the dumbbell weight bench versatile for weight lifting, but you can use it for cross-training with cardio, Crossfit, or bodyweight work. You can also use it with different equipment, such as barbells and dumbbells.

Option 3:
The cable attachment allows for a wide range of motion and resistance levels, while the weight bench and power rack provide stability and safety for compound exercises like bench presses and squats. By combining these pieces of equipment, you can target all major muscle groups and create a comprehensive full-body workout routine

Option 4:

Our 7ft Olympic barbell is made of high-grade steel, giving it a tensile strength rating of 190 000 psi and 700 lb capacity. It is perfect for general Olympic lifts and Powerlifting at home or in the gym. They can withstand the demands of aerobic and anaerobic exercises and allow for various workouts such as bench presses, bicep curling, and piggybacking overhead pressure.


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