arm workouts with dumbbells


A dumbbell arm workout is a strength training routine that focuses on developing and toning the muscles of the arms. Using dumbbells allows for a versatile and effective way to engage the biceps, triceps, and shoulders.

Let's start dumbbell arm workout today!


dumbbell arm workout


Day 4: Arm Workout


Dumbbell Curl


Dumbbell Curl IFAST


⚠️: Ordinary dumbbell curls. Both arms can sag naturally or the body can be clamped. As long as the big arms do not swing back and forth too much, do not hold the dumbbells too tightly. The biceps don't feel much, the forearm is not working.


Dumbell Hammer Curl


Dumbell Hammer Curl IFAST


⚠️: The position of the forearm is the same, the forearm is internally rotated, and the focus of training is shifted to the "brachial muscle", and feel the deep layer of the biceps that is laterally and outwardly squeezed.


Dumbell Reverse Curl


Dumbell Reverse Curl IFAST


⚠️: Rotate the forearm inward again and hold the dumbbell with the palms of both hands down, and feel the tightening of the "brachiradialis" on the upper side of the forearm.


Dumbell Tricep Extension


Dumbell Tricep Extension IFAST


⚠️: When the dumbbell is underneath, extend it backwards and downwards. Don't put it down vertically to get a "headshot". You can tighten the triceps when you stretch your arms upwards. You don't need to stretch them too much.


Dumbell Bent-over Tricep Extension


Dumbell Bent-over Tricep Extension IFAST


⚠️: The big arms are fixed on both sides of the body, and only the elbow joint is flexed and extended. When exerting force, the thumb can pull the dumbbell backwards, and the triceps will be tightened.


Dumbell Supine Tricep Extension


Dumbell Supine Tricep Extension IFAST


⚠️: Keep your upper arm perpendicular to the ground. When you lower the dumbbell, feel the triceps stretched. When applying force, you can add an internal rotation of the forearm to tighten the triceps.

Remember to perform these exercises with proper form and a weight that challenges you without sacrificing your technique. This workout can help you build and tone your arm muscles effectively using just a pair of dumbbells.

IFAST will lead you to learn more about dumbbell leg training tomorrow. Please continue to pay attention!

Day 5: Dumbbell Leg Workout

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