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IFAST full body barbell workout

Full Body Barbell Workout [infographic]

IFAST has prepared a full body barbell workout for everyone! This infographic includes 23 best barbell workouts for you. We hope you enjoy this infographic and spend some time learning these barbell exercises. 
on May 24, 2022

Easter Home Workouts Guide To Burn Chocolate | IFAST

You'll either eat chocolate over the Easter long weekend or take a few days off when the gym is closed or traveling.

IFAST has crafted this long weekend workout to engage as many muscle groups as possible while getting your heart rate up

on April 12, 2022
IFAST 5-day strength training workout

5 Day 20 Minutes Full Body Workout With Tiff

IFAST and Fit Tiff kicked off a 5 days full body strength training workout plan!💪
on April 10, 2022
5 day dumbbell workout

5 Days Of Full Body Dumbbell Workout [Infographic]

IFAST has prepared a full body dumbbell workout week plan for everyone! What to exercise every day has been planned for you, and you can exercise the muscles of the whole body by sticking to it for a week. 
on February 28, 2022
Resistance band arm workout

Resistance band arm workout | IFAST

What we want to tell you today is that arm training using resistance bands is a training activity, which is very suitable to be done at home. If you are a girl, then you can also complete these exercises, which will help you burn the excess fat in your arms and make your arms very beautiful.
on January 06, 2022
resistance band workout

Resistance band leg workouts | IFAST

An resistance band can be said to be the easiest fitness equipment. It is not only light to carry but also takes up almost no space. The most important thing is that it is very cheap.
on January 03, 2022