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Dumbbell Full Body Workout Week Plan day 3


Let's start dumbbell shoulder training today


dumbbell shoulder workout



Day 3: Shoulder Workout


Arnold Press


Arnold Press IFAST


⚠️: Based on the regular exercises, the "horizontal adduction movement" has been added. The whole training process should also try to keep the movement as smooth as possible to avoid the shaking of the trunk and the compensation of the neck.


Front Raises



Front Raises IFAST


⚠️: When exerting force, the dumbbell can come to the front side of the face, but note that the position of the shoulder strap is almost the same. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not pursue the stability of the shoulder strap by increasing the stroke.


Shoulder Press


Shoulder Press IFAST


⚠️: Drop the dumbbells on both sides of the ears, exert the peak force to contract the elbows on both sides of the ears, do not have to push the arms straight, otherwise the weight of the dumbbells will fall on the shoulder joints instead of the deltoid muscles.


Lateral Raise


Lateral Raise IFAST


⚠️: Keep your arms slightly bent. When applying force, the back of the hand is upward and the palm is downward, and the shoulder, elbow, and wrist are on the same level.


Seated Bent-over Row


Bent-over Row IFAST


⚠️: Imagine that the elbow joint is drawn in a circle with the shoulder joint as the axis, and feel the tightening of the deltoid muscle.


Bent-over Fly


Bent-over Row IFAST


⚠️: Hold the dumbbell palms opposite each other, imagine you are a bird f

lapping its wings, squeeze the back of the deltoid muscle when exerting upward force.

 Today’s dumbbell shoulder training is over, have you learned?

 IFAST will lead you to learn more about dumbbell arm training tomorrow. Please continue to pay attention!

Day 4: Dumbbell Arm Workout

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