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how to do a LAT pull down

How to do a LAT pulldown | IFAST

LAT Pulldown is one of the most classic and popular compounds back exercises; it is mainly aimed at training and strengthening the latissimus dorsi, thereby extending the width of the back and creating a sexy body shape with a wide back and a narrow waist.
on June 24, 2022
10 best glute band workout

10 Best Glute Band Workout | IFAST

For most women, the primary purpose of hip training is to make their body more curvaceous, that is, to make their body better. However, we need to know that hip training is far more critical to health.
on June 17, 2022
How to get rid of Dad Bod

How to get rid of dad bod | Father's Day Gifts Guide

If your dad has a Dad bod and wants to boost his fitness, give him a fitness gift this Father's Day that will inspire a healthy lifestyle and bring him joy. Think of it as an act of service as you will contribute to his health and longevity while also putting a smile on his face.
on June 10, 2022
10 Best Glute Exercises

10 Best Glute Exercises | IFAST

Guys focus on shedding their tummy and working out their pecs and abs, while most girls opt for their legs, and some like to shape their perfect hips, which will give them the confidence to wear skinny new jeans in the city swagger. Here are some hip training exercises that you must do.
on June 07, 2022
how to build home gym

How to Build a Home Gym [ IFAST Ultimate Guide ]

Do you want to have your home gym? IFAST brings you the ultimate guide to building a home gym. We won't say it's very comprehensive, but it covers most of the confusion you'll have about building a home gym. We hope it helps you!

on June 01, 2022
power rack vs squat rack

Power Rack Vs. Squat Rack | Which should you choose

Regardless of your goals or experience, the squat and bench press are classic exercises in most exercise programs. If you're building your home gym, the focus should be on one of two must-haves - a squat rack or a power rack.
on May 12, 2022