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single arm dumbbell row

How to do the one-arm dumbbell rows? | IFAST

How to do the one-arm dumbbell rows? Single arm dumbbell row will help us stimulate the middle of the latissimus dorsi. It can not only help us widen the back, but also thicken the back. It is a very classic and effective back-training exercise.
on June 13, 2021
exercise bike IFAST

Are exercise bikes good for losing weight? | IFAST

The best home exercise bike are basically similar to the ordinary bicycle, including handlebar, seat, pedal and wheel. Unlike ordinary bicycles, it can be adjusted to make the rider feel more comfortable.
on June 09, 2021
bench press IFAST

How to bench press? | IFAST

Do you want to increase your pectoral muscles? What about the arm muscles? Bench press can exercise the muscles of these two parts. As long as you arrange adequate rest...
on June 08, 2021
half balance ball ifast

How to use a balance ball? | IFAST

What is a half balance ball?   IFAST BALANCE HALF BALL ELECTRIC INFLATION   The half balance ball is a small tool invented by David Vick in 1999. As the...
on June 03, 2021
12 core strength training exercises

12 core strength training exercises

Core strength training refers to a form of strength training. The so-called "core" is the middle link of the human body, that is, the area below the shoulder joint and above the hip joint including the pelvis. It is a whole formed by the waist, pelvis, and hip joints, and contains 29 muscles.
on May 31, 2021
Fitness massage artifact: barbell bar

Fitness massage artifact: barbell bar

SMR (muscle and fascia relaxation) can effectively help us stretch, extend tight or overused muscles, relax tight fascia, and reduce the possibility of muscle adhesion and scar tissue. At the...
on May 27, 2021