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Barbell has a wide range of uses, whether it is the muscles of the shoulders, back, arms, chest, etc., using barbells and iron plates of different weights, using multiple special training techniques for muscle strength, muscle endurance training for the whole body muscles, so Fat burns, transforms into bodybuilding lines, strengthens muscle strength, enhances the core ability of the body, improves local but still loose muscles after a long time of exercise; in addition, it can also delay muscle aging, increase bone density, prevent osteoporosis and other effects, and improve endocrine To improve physical coordination, it is one of the sports that men and women who want to exercise can engage in exercise. But how much do you know about weight lifting bar? Let's find out!

Barbell bar for competition

Powerlifting Bar

Generally implement the IPF standard (International Powerlifting Federation standard):

1 Total length≤2.2m

2 1.31m≤Inside distance of clamp ≤1.32m

3 28mm≤diameter≤29mm

4 Barbell bar weight + buckle weight = 25kg

(Single buckle weighs 2.5kg)

5 50mm≤barbell rod sleeve diameter≤52mm

6 The inner side spacing of the inner ring on the barbell bar=81cm

IPF certified barbell standards



It can be used in IPF standard fitness competition & training: the barbell has a pair of smooth rings, with a spacing of 81cm-the index fingers of both hands of the players must be within this pair of rings during the bench press competition. 

WL Bar, Weightlifting Bar/Oly Bar, Olympic Bar

General implementation of IWF standard (International Weightlifting Federation standard):

  1. Made of chrome-plated steel
  2. Process knurling on the gripping part
  3. The weight of the barbell bar is 20kg (male)/15kg (female)
  4. Men's barbell bar length 220cm (male)/201cm (female)
  5. The diameter of the sleeve at both ends is 5cm, and the length is 41.5cm (male)/32cm (female)
  6. The middle graspable part is 131cm long and 2.8cm in diameter (male)/2.5cm (female)
  7. The two gripable parts of the barbell are separated by 42cm, each of which is 44.5cm long. The unknurled ring is 0.5cm wide and 19.5cm away from the inner side of the sleeve, which is 92cm between the two rings.
  8. The knurling in the middle of the men’s barbell bar is 12cm long,

There is no knurling in the middle of the women's barbell bar.

  1. The barbell bar is distinguished by blue (male)/yellow (female) marks at the end and the middle
  2. Allowable tolerance range=+0.1%~-0.05%

The above use (male)/(female) to represent men's barbell/women's barbell respectively.



It can be used in IWF standard weightlifting competitions and training: the barbell has a pair of smooth rings with a spacing of 92cm-used to help determine the grip distance of the snatch. For most people, it will be more suitable to hold the snatch outside that line, only the smallest The level may require the index finger to be held within it, and it will not be too far in, and the hand will not be completely inside the ring. IFAST FITNESS provide 7 ft weight lifting bar, 4 ft weight lifting bar for you. You can buy these equipments and if you have any questions, please contact us:

CrossFit Bar/WOD Bar
CrossFit Bar/WOD Bar


The performance is between the power bar and the weightlifting bar: there are both IPF standard rings (81cm spacing) and IWF standard rings (92cm spacing), which can be used for CF competitions and various training: CrossFit, powerlifting/powerlifting , Weightlifting, bodybuilding, physical training...

Texas Deadlift Bar
Texas Deadlift Bar

It is more slender (230mm long, 27mm diameter) and softer than ordinary powerlifting rods, and the hard pull weight with this soft rod can be greater.


Russian Bar
Russian Bar


There is a concave ring on the sleeve, which is said to prevent the barbell from loosening to a certain extent.

Log Bar


Log Bar


Used for Log Press in Strongman competitions & training. The original log poles were made of logs, and now they are generally used in Hercules competitions; now the log poles sold on the market are made of steel, which are generally used for Hercules training, and are mostly black.

Barbell bar for training

Short barbell bar

It is about 1.2m long and weighs about 10kg. It is mainly used for upper limb muscle training, such as wrist curl, two-head curl, neck and back arm flexion and extension, supine arm flexion and extension, etc.

There are mainly five or six types, sorted from small to large according to their comfort: short straight bars, EZ bars/short curved bars (small curved bars/small curved bars, super curved bars/super curved bars), eye-shaped bars, multi-function bars, Eye bar

Short barbell bar


Kids Bar

The length is about 1.2m, the diameter is about 25mm/22.2mm, and the weight is about 5lbs. The load-bearing limit is 100lbs/50lbs. It is made of aluminum and pure color. It is specially used for the enlightenment training of children aged 3-12.

Long barbell

Junior Bar
Junior Bar


The length is 1.7~1.8 meters, the diameter is about 25mm, and the weight is about 7.5kg~10kg. It is made of aluminum, pure color, and the most common is purple. It is mainly used for beginners/teenagers/women with weak strength to practice weightlifting techniques and fitness. Force action technique.

Buffalo Bar/Cambered Bar


Buffalo Bar/Cambered Bar


It is mainly used for squats, which can reduce the pressure on the shoulders, elbows and wrists, and is suitable for people with upper limb muscle flexibility and less mobility.

Safety Squat Bar


Safety Squat Bar


The function is basically the same as above, but it is more common than the Buffalo barbell bar


Swiss Bar/Multi Grip Bar/Football Bar 
Swiss Bar/Multi Grip Bar/Football Bar

There are many pairs of grips, which can be used for counter-grip bench press and rowing, which is slightly easier than forehand bench press/backhand bench press.

Cambered Bench Bar
Cambered Bench Bar


Used for ultra-high-speed bench press/rowing. If you don’t have one, you can use other alternatives: dumbbell bench press for super large bench press, or bridge bench press for power lift, and V-shaped handle for super large rowing. 

Hex Bar/Trap Bar
Hex Bar/Trap Bar


Mainly used for Farmer's Walk, lower limbs squatting and pulling. It can be divided into full frame type & half frame type. According to the diameter of the grip, it can also be divided into single grip, double grip and triple grip. IFAST FITNESS offers hex weight lifting bar with high quality for you. Come and buy it!

Farmer's Walk Bar
Farmer's Walk Bar


It is specially used to Farmer's Walk. The difference from the hexagonal bar is that it is more stable and can be done on one side.

Other parameters

Safe load-bearing:

The lowest 50kg and the highest 1200lbs are regular rods. Of course, the Hercules squat has more than 1200lbs. Those are special rods that you can’t touch, so I won’t introduce them.


This is very important. Most barbell rods have any craftsmanship.

Shaft process: electroplating, multi-layer electroplating, black boiling, rusting (I also write rust here, I believe that many friends have come into contact with the old barbell rods in the 80s, that is really a good socialist product!)

Sleeve technology: bearing, copper sleeve, solid, hollow, one-piece, non-one-piece.


High carbon steel, carbon structure steel, hardened and heat-treated carbon structure steel, low-end spring steel, high-end spring steel, spring steel for weightlifting poles.

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