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Top 10 boring fitness equipments

on May 18, 2021

Everyone wants to have a healthy and sexy body, but among the many home fitness equipment, many of their usefulness are questionable, and they end up in the long-term storage room. The Times lists 10 boring fitness equipment that is not to be used.

Run while working



In order to target the busy working class, some manufacturers combine running and work, and install a computer and keyboard in front of the treadmill, so that customers can run while working. Except for professional runners, who would like to run like a hamster during working hours?

Hawaiian Electric Chair


The cushions of the "Hawaii Electric Chair" will continuously rotate in a circular motion. The principle is that when the customer sits on it, it is equivalent to doing a hula hoop exercise on the hips. Although the utility is unknown, there must be no lack of body language when talking to people while sitting in a chair.

Suqi slope

Customers need to wear the included super slippery rubber shoes and run hard on the smooth plastic slope to let the leg muscles move. But men with beards should pay attention, and be careful that others think you are imitating Chali Chapman and walking on banana peels in strong winds.

"Two-piece" palm press handshake

Most people press their hands on the ground when they do palm pressing, but manufacturers of "professional palm pressing handshake" believe that it is better to hold hands with both hands. The box is also marked "a set of two pieces". If not two pieces, does anyone need three pieces?

Eye massager



The massager looks like a pair of big glasses, and there is a small stick inside to massage the eyes in the form of vibration. Suggested use time: Dress up as "
Masked Rider" at the Halloween party.

Alarm clock electric fork

Electric forks are specially designed for people who eat horribly. The electric fork has a built-in countdown timer and alarm clock. Customers can customize the electric fork to ring at intervals to remind you to chew 32 times before each bite of food. This highly practical product was approved by the U.S. Patent Registry in 1995, but the market is still fascinating.

Electric bath

It is said that an electrode tube is placed in the bathtub to relax the muscles with electric current, which can reduce neuralgia and rheumatic pain. It is said that the former British Prime Minister Mrs. Dai Zhuo had also used it. If you are afraid that the electric bath will be expensive, you can touch the power switch with wet hands at home. I believe the effect will be similar, but be careful not to protect your life.

Detox Foot Bath



Detox Foot Bath is said to be able to remove toxins from the body. Is it because the toxins are all affected by gravity, or only the feet of the body can sweat, and the toxins can only be removed from the feet? But the scientific community has denied the possibility of detoxification.

Horse riding machine


The manufacturer claims that the efficacy of the horse riding machine has been clinically tested, which can promote lymphatic circulation and enhance immunity. But the horse riding machine is like an earthquake on the way to the toilet, bumping "on the road", and how effective it is. Different people have different opinions.

Viagra Cable


Afraid of the side effects of taking the impotence medicine "Viagra"? Not afraid! There is also an electric "Viagra" cord. The weak current generated by water, vinegar and sulfuric acid will be transmitted to the cords of important parts through the wires. The principle is like cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Effectiveness is unknown.

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