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The curved handle and the iron ball are cast together. At first glance, it looks like a kettle without a mouth. The "kettlebell" not only has a special shape, but also has a first-class training effect. 

Have you tried kettlebells workout? In recent years, it has been popular all over the world, and more and more people begin kettlebells workout. And I love it more and more.

10 benefits of kettlebells workout

1.Can be effective in a limited space

 Kettlebells are much smaller than general heavy training equipment. They don’t have to move too long. They don’t need too much space, and their exercise methods are mostly systemic. High efficiency and small size are very practical training equipment for people with limited living space.

2.Can develop a good squat posture

In the early stage of learning to squat, you usually start with a goblet squat and a squat with a kettlebell in your hand. The reason is that goblet squats can reduce the burden on the spine, making it easier for beginners to experience the neutral spine and the posture of knees and thighs outward. The kettlebell is unique in this respect.

3.Promote more power

Compared to using Olympic long bars for explosive training, kettlebells are more friendly to the people. Especially in the snatch snatch, high turn clean and overhead push, the kettlebell can stimulate the athlete's explosive power.

4.Strengthen the anti-rotation ability of the torso

kettlebells workout involves a lot of unilateral support, head-raising, and head-pushing. Because these actions are unilateral operations, and often exceed the top of the head (easy to cause imbalance), you can further exercise the "trunk stability" and "anti-rotation" capabilities that athletes need.

5.Recruit many muscle groups at the same time

Since the center of gravity of the kettlebell is not symmetrical on both sides like a dumbbell, in many cases the center of gravity of the kettlebell tends to deviate. Therefore, in order to stabilize and make the movement go smoothly, the body will unconsciously recruit more muscle groups to assist and train them at the same time to make you stronger.

6.Assist in improving bad posture

Lift a kettlebell in each hand, like holding two buckets of water or milk. It means that kettlebells workout has many actions similar to life, such as carrying suitcases and carrying objects. Through kettlebells workout, hip and back strength can be used more correctly and the chance of injury can be reduced.

7.Increase grip strength

Because of its shape, whether it is to carry bags, grocery shopping or plastic bags, kettlebell handles can always be used in many places in life; deadlifts also attach great importance to grip strength. The weight of the kettlebell can be used to increase the strength of the small arms and the overall grip.


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8.Training shoulder stability

I mentioned earlier that kettlebell training involves a lot of "overhead" and "vertical push" movements, which all require the coordination of the shoulder joints. Therefore, good mobility and stability are essential. Through kettlebell training, the strength of the shoulder joints and surrounding muscles can be fully improved. Recommended reading: Building a strong shoulder core: Kettlebell Handstand Press!

9.Can perform training for the target muscle group

The kettlebell itself has a weight-bearing function. Like dumbbells, you can also use it to strengthen the muscles you want to strengthen. When you are familiar with its operation and know how to arrange the appropriate amount of training for yourself, you can take one from shoulder, back, abdomen, legs to buttocks.

10.Kettlebell is a very functional tool

It has a special operation method (one-handed pot swing, etc.), can be used for systemic explosive training, used to strengthen the heart and lungs, and can be used as a general weight-bearing tool. Kettlebell can be said to be comprehensive, if you know how to use it, you will be able to get training benefits in all aspects.

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