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Dumbbell is a simple equipment for strengthening muscle strength training. It is an auxiliary equipment for weightlifting and fitness exercises. 

Definition of dumbbell

Dumbbell is a simple equipment used to strengthen muscle strength training. Its main material is cast iron, and some are covered with a layer of rubber. Its purpose is for muscle strength training, muscle compound movement training. Patients with low muscle strength due to exercise paralysis, pain, long-term inactivity, etc., hold a dumbbell, and use the weight of the dumbbell to exercise resistance against resistance and train muscle strength.

Dumbbells can train a single muscle; if you increase weight, you need the coordination of multiple muscles. It can also be used as a kind of muscle compound exercise training.

What are the benefits of lifting dumbbells?

1.Improve muscle control

Dumbbells are only controlled by hand grip. If there is no good control ability, it will turn east and west like a compass. So if you want to maintain the direction and weight of the dumbbells, you have to learn to seek assistance from other muscle groups so that muscle control can be improved. Generally, the control ability is not good. When using dumbbells to do multi-joint exercises, it is easy to cause the movement to shake. Once the movement is shaken and there is a little uncertainty, it may cause joint damage or loss of muscle sensitivity, which will greatly reduce the training.

2.Lower risk than barbell

Training safety part, because dumbbells are controlled by hand, it is equivalent to getting off your hands. Usually when the hands are weak, as long as the hands are thrown to the sides, you can get out of danger. Compared with using a barbell, you may be able to crush yourself when you are exhausted, and the risk is lower.

3.Unilateral training is more difficult

One side, the biggest feature of dumbbells is the ability to do one-handed and one-sided training. It is not only convenient for correction, but also can be trained to unilateral control ability and core anti-rotation power. It's like walking as a farmer. Because there is only one side of the weight, the body is easy to lean to one side. At this time, the core muscle groups on the opposite side must fight hard and pull the torso back to the middle to achieve the effect of simultaneous training.

4.You can exercise from top to bottom

The training that some people can do with dumbbells may only stop at the single-joint movement of the two-head curl. In fact, dumbbells can do full-body exercises, from two-head curling, three-head stretching, dumbbell rowing, squatting, hard lifting to the small muscles of the forearm. It is highly practical. In addition, dumbbells can also be adjusted through weight to meet the muscle endurance required by runners, the explosive power required by athletes, and the hypertrophy effect pursued by bodybuilders, responding to the needs of different training groups.

Dumbbell exercise

A pair of dumbbells can exercise the muscles of the whole body, such as chest muscles, two heads, three heads, legs, back, etc., all of which are broken.

1. Dumbbell weight squat (legs, hips)



2.Supine dumbbell lift (chest, back, three heads)



3.Dumbbell weight walking (requires heavy weight walking during exercise)


4.Dumbbell squat and shoulder push (legs, shoulder muscles)



5.One-arm dumbbell bench press (chest, triceps)



6.Dumbbell swing (waist, leg, shoulder)



7.One-arm dumbbell rowing (back, shoulder)



How to choose dumbbells on the market? 
There are all kinds of dumbbells on the market, how should I choose?

Choose dumbbell material?

The three common dumbbell materials on the market are electroplating, rubber encapsulation and sponge. It is more recommended to buy electroplated dumbbells. The advantages are that they are small in size, not easy to rust and fade, environmentally friendly, and have no irritating odor. They are very suitable for household use, but they can easily damage the floor when they fall. The rubber of the low-end rubberized dumbbells is not environmentally friendly, and the smell is pungent, and the rubber is easy to crack after a long time. The high-end rubberized dumbbells are made of environmentally friendly rubber, which has a lower taste, but the price is more expensive and the price is lower. The advantage is that it is not easy to damage the floor. Sponge dumbbells are usually wrapped with a layer of environmentally friendly foam, which is comfortable to hold. The disadvantage is that the weight is too small, usually 1kg-5kg, which is not suitable for high-intensity muscle exercises and is more suitable for women.

Choose the weight of the dumbbell?

First of all, clarify the purpose of your exercise. Heavier dumbbells can exercise muscle dimensionality and absolute strength; lighter dumbbells are more suitable for exercise endurance and explosive power. Then determine the muscle group you want to exercise. Generally, the larger the muscle group you exercise, the heavier the dumbbells you need. Generally speaking, we can choose small and medium weight dumbbells when exercising small muscle groups such as biceps, triceps and deltoids, and heavy dumbbells when exercising large muscle groups such as chest, leg and back muscles. It is recommended that you buy adjustable dumbbells, which do not take up space. You can increase or decrease dumbbells according to the training needs of different muscle groups. In addition, many gyms have professional fitness trainers and folk gods, so you can ask them.

How heavy is the dumbbell to buy?

First of all, we have to distinguish the weight representation method of dumbbells. One is KG (kilogram) and the other is LB (lb). 1LB is approximately equal to 0.45kg. The dumbbells seen in China are basically expressed in KG. There are two common types of dumbbells on the market, one is an adjustable dumbbell, and the other is a fixed and non-detachable dumbbell. When choosing adjustable dumbbells, it is recommended that men should choose at least 2kg-20kg, and women should choose at least 1kg-10kg. When choosing a fixed and non-detachable dumbbell, you should choose according to your own situation. For example, exercise biceps bending exercises. Fitness young people may need 5kg, and those with fitness foundation need 10kg. If you are a senior fitness enthusiast May need more than 15kg.

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