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how to build muscle

How to build muscle: 10 tips for muscle growth

Building and exercising muscles can be a prolonged and troublesome process, and in this process, you need to do many things correctly to make you move steadily towards your goal, and a little carelessness will make you stand still! Today IFAST wants to share with you 10 excellent muscle-building training tips!

on May 08, 2022
8 Best leg exercises for muscle and strength

8 Best leg exercises for muscle and strength

  If you have reasonable fitness habits and a systematic fitness plan, the weekly leg day will always come as scheduled, no matter what happens the next day. If you...
on May 03, 2022
IFAST 5-day strength training workout

5 Day 20 Minutes Full Body Workout With Tiff

IFAST and Fit Tiff kicked off a 5 days full body strength training workout plan!💪
on April 10, 2022
How to do incline dumbbell press

How to do incline dumbbell press

The incline dumbbell press, also known as the incline chest press and incline dumbbell bench press, is an upper body exercise that works the pecs in your chest, the triceps in the back of your arms, the deltoids in the front to tuck your shoulders. 
on April 08, 2022
12 best bench workout

12 Best Bench Workouts At Home | IFAST

We'll show you an effective full-body weight bench press workout that you can do at home or in the gym. 
on March 22, 2022
resistance band chest workout

9 best resistance band chest exercises | IFAST

Today IFAST will introduce 9 exercises of resistance band chest training. As long as the method is correct, the resistance band can become a sharp tool to increase muscle!
on January 13, 2022