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EZ curl bar vs straight bar | IFAST

on May 25, 2021
curl bar or straight bar


Almost all gymnasiums are equipped with "straight bar" and "curl bar" as standard for fitness users to choose to use, but many people don't know the difference between the two, usually for what purpose. Of course, there is no serious mistake in "what's useful for what's useful", but this kind of basic training equipment is still necessary for everyone to understand the differences.

There is a difference between wrist and elbow pressure

Straight bar and curl bar, the most commonly used arm training, don't care too much about the curl bar or straight bar in the compound movements such as horizontal push, rowing and shoulder pushing. Usually, straight bar is also used. For example, no one will use curl bar for horizontal push. Straight bar can keep the wrist in a neutral position, which is conducive to heavy weight. If curl bar is used, it will cause wrist distortion and easy to cause wrist injury.



But there is also an exception, that is, some people prefer to use the narrow barbell push for the training of the chest muscle seam. Because the distance between the hands is very close, and even some people are almost close to each other, it is better to use the curl bar than the straight bar at this time, which may not feel great difference at the highest point, but the difference will become obvious in the process of slowly putting down: at the lowest point, the wrist pressure when using the curl bar will be significantly smaller than that of the straight bar, while when using the straight bar for narrow distance horizontal push, In order to reduce the pressure on the wrist, the body is likely to instinctively make the angle between the humerus and the body smaller, so it becomes a barbell push dominated by triceps brachii. However, the correct training of barbell push for triceps brachii is usually the same width as the body, and the straight bar is used (if you like to hold the distance very close, the curl bar is more friendly to the wrist); The angle between the humerus and the body side is more suitable for the dominant force of the pectoral muscle. But this is not the bench push mentioned in the previous paragraph. It can't use heavy weight.


EZ curl bar


When training biceps brachii, what's the difference between using curl bar and straight bar to press wrist joint? Try to do the barbell curl with standard grip distance with empty hand, and keep the arm free from external rotation (when you try to keep the big arm close to the body and the palm upward, there is a tendency of external rotation), and keep the wrist in a neutral position. You will find that the palms are not completely facing the sky, but slightly opposite to each other. This shows the problem, that is, if the wrist is not in the neutral position when using the straight bar, and the curl bar is more in line with the wrist neutral position, it can also do more comfortable. Of course, as long as you don't use heavy weight, the twist of the wrist with a straight bar won't have a big impact.

But many people are used to let the arm close to the body and use the straight bar to bend. At this time, the arm is in the external rotation state. If you don't feel too uncomfortable with the elbow at this time, then you continue to have no problem.

In triceps brachii training, supine barbell arm flexion and extension and neck barbell arm flexion and extension are suitable for the use of curl bar, straight bar will make your wrist feel very uncomfortable; Another is the shoulder training movement: upright barbell rowing, the use of curl bar can also make the wrist more inclined and neutral position, protect the wrist. Of course, if you don't know your own situation, you can try them all and choose a more comfortable and natural one.

The difference of stimulation from different angles

The difference between straight and curved rods is mainly reflected in biceps brachii training, because the pressure on wrist and elbow can be relieved by adjusting. After all, I advocate safety as the main body building. In fact, in muscle stimulation, the use of straight and curl bars for barbell bending has its own advantages, and it is not to say which good or bad:

It is more favorable to use straight rod to bend the biceps muscle short head, because the use of straight rod, for the comfort of the wrist, the arm will have external rotation, which can stimulate the short head in this state;

When bending with curved rod, it is not the proper force position of short head. The short head loses the best force position, and the long head is slightly lengthened at this time, so the bending force of the bending rod tends to the long head. The reason why you use "something" is that standing bending is not suitable for long hair force position. It is the best force position only when the arm is at the back of the body, such as the dumbbell bending on the back of the back of the body.

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