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Dumbbell bench press is to hold dumbbells and push up, retract both elbows, and clamp the chest while clamping elbows. The dumbbells move upwards at the same time slightly forward, showing a parabolic trajectory. When the arms are straightened, the dumbbell's center of gravity is close to the support point of the shoulder joint.

But don't be exactly on the support point of the shoulder joint, which will make the bones support the weight of the dumbbell (this situation where the weight is supported by the bones rather than the muscles is called "locking"), which relaxes the chest muscles and affects the exercise effect. Then, open the two straight arms to both sides, slowly bend the two arms, drop the dumbbell vertically, and when it reaches the lowest point, do a push up.

Dumbbell bench press is a great chest muscle training action. Different from barbells, dumbbell bench press has more freedom and can train more flexibly, so this action has become an indispensable action in chest muscle training. It can make your pectoralis major muscles become fuller and stronger. People who do dumbbell bench press can be seen almost everywhere in the gym, but this action may be one of the most likely to make mistakes. So you did it right?


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Compared with the barbell bench press, this exercise is more difficult to master. If you do it wrong, your pectoral muscles will basically not grow. The mechanics of this action is very simple, because the function of the pectoral muscles is to retract the arms horizontally. Keep this in mind during the action. Many people are almost straight up and down when they are bench pressing, although they can push larger ones. Weight, but the training effect is minimal.

Precautions for dumbbell bench press


dumbbell bench press


Before the bench press, it is recommended to warm up with a very light weight, the purpose is to familiarize yourself with the movement and prepare the muscle fibers. Before bench press, arching the lower back is helpful for training. This can slightly change the angle of the breastbone, so that the chest can stand up more, and help you keep your shoulders back when you bench press, and make your chest bigger. To achieve better stimulation of the muscles, this posture is suitable for all bench presses.

When doing any kind of pushing action, don't start from the bottom because it is more difficult to adjust, especially when the weight is heavy. When pushing, pull your shoulders back as much as possible to bring your shoulder blades closer, and then bend your elbows slightly when you go down. Your hands should be directly above your elbows, so that you can exert more force.

When pushing upwards, imagine that the two elbows are brought close together, so that there will be an adduction movement, rather than simply pushing up, and at the same time contracting the chest muscles as much as possible at the top of the movement.


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When lowering, you have to descend to a position where the chest muscles have a very strong sense of stretching, so as to give the muscles the greatest degree of movement stroke. This is very important. It can directly affect your training effect, and it is in the push Time will make the muscles more vigorous, and sufficient stretching and sufficient contraction will make the muscles more stressed and maximized stimulation.

A common mistake most people make during the action is that when pushing up, the shoulders will follow forward. This kind of training effect is very low, because at this time, the pectoral muscles are basically weakened. The anterior deltoid muscle is exerting force, so in the process of pushing, keep your shoulders in a state of receding.

The position of the elbow is also a problem. If the elbow is too close to the body, then you will practice more to the three heads, the stimulation of the chest muscles will be relatively small, and it is not recommended to raise your hands flat, which will make your shoulders feel Discomfort, especially in the case of heavy weight, and the force of the deltoid muscle will increase. It is recommended that the elbows be slightly retracted, and the angle with the body is about 70°, which is the best posture. 

If your chest is weak, you need a lot of practice to lay a good foundation for the movement and don't be obsessed with heavy weight.

For you with immature movements, obviously there is no effect. Don't be afraid to lower the weight. Even with a small weight, the training effect is quite good under the condition of standard movement.

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