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how to build muscle

How to build muscle: 10 tips for muscle growth

Building and exercising muscles can be a prolonged and troublesome process, and in this process, you need to do many things correctly to make you move steadily towards your goal, and a little carelessness will make you stand still! Today IFAST wants to share with you 10 excellent muscle-building training tips!

on May 08, 2022
uprights row | IFAST

How to do upright rows

The upright row is a classic exercise for the shoulders and traps. Of course, it is good for us to do upright rowing for a long time, but many people do not know how to do upright rowing correctly. So, what are the essentials of upright rowing? Let's take a look at the requirements of action
on April 19, 2022
How To Do Dumbbell Fly: 3 Benefits Of Dumbbell Fly

How To Do Dumbbell Fly: 3 Benefits Of Dumbbell Fly

The dumbbell fly movement has a very significant training effect on the thickness and line of the pectoralis major and is one of the favorite movements of the majority of bodybuilding enthusiasts to exercise the pectoral muscles. 
on March 14, 2022
IFAST cerakote barbell

What is Cerakote barbell | IFAST

IFAST Cerakote barbell may look cool, but the corrosion resistance offered by the Cerakote coating is a very effective innovation in barbells.
on February 13, 2022
dumbbell vs barbell

Barbell Vs Dumbbell: Which one is more effective?

Everyone knows that dumbbells and barbells are the two most basic pieces of equipment in weight training. For you who started to do weight training, have you ever thought about the difference between these two pieces of equipment?
on December 29, 2021
what does a weightlifting belt do

What does a weightlifting belt do? | IFAST

A weightlifting belt is a thicker leather belt that protects the waist and back. It is used in squats, standing presses, or deadlifts. It is one of the bodybuilding terms. It is a protective device to protect waist muscles and soft tissues from injury. 
on August 01, 2021