Belly fat is the most difficult to lose, and it is even more difficult to train abdominal muscles. Some people who exercise regularly have burly and strong physiques. If you ask him to show off his lower abdominal muscles, he may not even have them. Abdominal muscles are quite special. It is not enough to do some abdominal crunches. You need to reduce the body fat rate to a certain level before the abdominal muscles will be obvious. Many people say that crunching is fine, but reducing body fat is not. 

People who pursue muscle mass are unwilling to reduce body fat percentage for two reasons: 

  1. It is too hard to reduce the body fat rate, you need to strictly control the diet. I am already so tired from training, and I still have to eat all kinds of taboos, eating some fitness meals with bad taste.
  1. Reducing the body fat rate can easily lead to muscle loss. Reducing the body fat rate means losing weight. Losing weight will not only lose weight but muscle and water will also be lost. The muscles that have been trained so hard are lost due to the reduction of body fat rate, and no one is happy to replace them.

Like it or not, if you want abs, you have to reduce your body fat percentage. There are many exercises for abdominal training, most of which can be performed without the use of equipment. The abdominal crunching exercise introduced today requires the use of a T-bar.

Different abdominal crunches can bring different stimulation and experience to the abdomen, and further strengthen your abdominal muscles. T-bar exercises are less practiced by everyone, so you can try them. The T-bar is slightly different from the ordinary barbell. It only has a weight plate at one end, and at the other end, it is either locked on the side of the machine, or the barbell plate is removed directly through the barbell.

IFAST shares 5 T-bar abdominal exercises here:

1.Barbell Mountain Climber

Barbell Mountain Climber


The mountain climber is a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. While exercising the core of the abdomen, the movement of quickly alternating legs can consume a lot of calories. Mountain running can not only exercise abdominal muscles but also lose fat quickly. Practice mountaineering and running with barbells to test your core strength, which is highly recommended.

2.Barbell Support Twist

Barbell Support Twist

Supported rotation can effectively exercise the side muscles of the abdomen, strengthen core strength and stability, and increase certain strength through barbell training.

3.Barbell Russian twist

Barbell Russian twist


It mainly stimulates the side abdomen and shapes the abdominal line. Sit on the yoga mat with your buttocks, hold the barbell in front of your chest with both hands, keep your legs together, bend your knees slightly, lift off the ground, tighten your abdomen, raise your chest, tighten your back, slightly retract your jaw, turn left and right, keep the process Breathe evenly. The barbell Russian twist increases the load and makes your muscles fuller and more three-dimensional.

4.Weighted Crunches

Weighted Crunches


Abdominal crunches mainly exercise the rectus abdominus, which is an exercise that cannot be bypassed when training the abdominal muscles. Abdominal crunching is the basic function of the rectus abdominis. Weight-bearing crunching can effectively stimulate the abdominal muscles, making them stronger and more defined.

5.T-bar Rolling

This is similar to the abdominal wheel. During the exercise, to maintain stability, our body needs to recruit a large number of muscles to participate, and our core strength can be effectively stimulated.

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