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barbell bar press

Introduction to Barbell Bar Classification

Barbell has a wide range of uses, whether it is the muscles of the shoulders, back, arms, chest, etc., using barbells and iron plates of different weights, using multiple special...
on May 11, 2021
How to do barbell rows

How to do barbell rows? | IFAST

How to do barbell rowsIn this article you’re going to learn the benefits of doing barbell rows, what muscles do barbell rows work, how to do barbell rows, several mistakes you may make when barbell rows,10 of the best row variations, and more!
on May 07, 2021
dumbbells bricep curl

Compare the differences between barbells and dumbbells

As for home fitness, we all know the importance of barbells and dumbbells. But you may not know the difference between barbell and dumbbell. Let's take a look at it!
on April 27, 2021

The best Olympic rubber bumper plates | IFAST

IFAST FITNESS has been committed to providing you with home fitness equipment. From weight loss to weight maintenance, strength training to yoga, we have home gym essentials to equip a...
on April 23, 2021
dunbbell home workout

Only barbell and dumbbell, the best 10 actions for muscle growth | IFAST

People who are fit know that to build muscle, we need strength training to promote our muscle growth through gradual overload. So, what actions can be better in the process of...
on April 19, 2021