Many people may not know the power rack too much, but the gym equipment power rack is also a famous one in the fitness equipment. Speaking of fitness equipment, it is naturally able to help people exercise, but where is the main exercise area? Then we will learn what gym equipment power rack is and what the power rack mainly exercises?

best power rack for home gym


What is a power rack

A power rack (also known as a power cage, squat cage or squat rack) is a kind of weight training equipment, which acts as a mechanical observer of free weight barbell practice without the limitation of Smith machine and other equipment. Its overall design is four columns with two adjustable horizontal bar buckles (also known as "bracket", "track" or "pin") on each side. Many power racks also have accessories such as chin up bars, pull down cable accessories, or pins for storing weight plates. What's more, people call it the power rack because there is a pillar shape on both sides of the power rack, which is like the dragon's pillar, so people call it the power rack.

The advantages of power rack

Power rack compared with other sports equipment, the biggest advantage is that it can help you exercise a very comprehensive part, its limitations are relatively small, basically every gym will have this sports equipment, can help you exercise to many parts, but also can have a lot of corresponding movement way, can increase your body flexibility, and will everyone's body flexibility Parts are exercised to, so it is very suitable for modern people to exercise. For fitness effect, it is absolutely no less than other sports equipment, so it is very popular.

The best power rack for home gym is a very comprehensive device, which is why every gym will have this device, in the power rack can do almost all body muscle training. It also has a lot of small equipment, such as rope, straight bar, curved bar and so on.

The power rack is also used in a variety of ways. Different body parts can choose different handle ropes and handle positions. The exercise can adjust the body position and change the movement more flexibly, so that the stimulation of the exercise part is deeper and more effective.

Where does power rack exercise

Power cage is a good fitness equipment to exercise all parts of the body, if you use power rack to do low rope chest, then you can exercise to the upper part of the chest muscle. If you are doing high rope clip chest, then in time, can exercise to the lower chest muscle. In other words, the power rack can exercise the upper and lower chest muscles. At the same time, biceps brachii for the arm, as well as triceps brachii have a good role in exercise. And, if you want to exercise the back muscles, then you can also use high rope pull-down, which can exercise the lower part of latissimus dorsi very well, and use certain methods to exercise our trapezius.

best power rack for home gym 


Power rack exercise

The rope pinches the chest

The best way to exercise your chest with power lifting cage is to clamp your chest with rope. In most cases, the power rack helps you exercise your back. If you exercise your chest, it's a good way to clamp your chest with rope. At the beginning of the movement, you need to use the announcement, that is, the cross step to stabilize your body, and then fix the elbow to take light weight. However, in the process of doing this action, our body is actually like holding a barrel. The most important thing to pay attention to is that the action should be standard. If the action is not standard, it is likely to exercise to other parts, and it may also cause muscle damage.

Pull down the rope when standing

First of all, we need to stand. When we stand, we need to open our feet to shoulder width. Then we need to hold both ends of the handle. Then we need to lean forward slightly. We need to use the strength of latissimus dorsi and the contraction of latissimus dorsi to pull our arms down. In other words, we can use our strength to pull our hands to the chest, You can stop, stop about two seconds, and then use the strength of the back, slowly restore the body posture. In this process, the most important thing to pay attention to is that the force should be slightly lighter. If the force is too strong, it is likely to strain your own muscles.

It can be seen that there are many parts of the power cage exercise, if you need to exercise, you can first understand clearly and then carry out the power quack exercise, which is very helpful to you.

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