It is said that every fitness enthusiast

I hope to have a room like this



Raise your butt on the sofa and practice

No more going to the gym in the sun

It also saves a lot of time;

No need to wait in line for equipment

Don't touch other people's sweat

most important of all:

You don't have to sacrifice family and friends time together

Just use the fragmented time to get fit

It's easier to stick with it

Someone said:

I don't have such a big place in my family!

You just didn't find the space available!

How to build a Economical and practical "home gym"?

A good fitness venue only needs to meet the following requirements:


Research shows that excessive dust can affect metabolism and make people fat.

This is not nonsense:

A study published in the ACS Journal of environmental science and technology shows that indoor dust containing a variety of pollutants can cause fat cells to accumulate more triglycerides.

Endocrine disrupting substances (EDC) refer to natural or synthetic substances that can interfere or simulate human hormones.

Many animal studies also show that exposure to EDC in early life can lead to acquired obesity, so EDC is also known as obesity factor. These EDCs are hidden in indoor dust, can be inhaled or swallowed, and may also be absorbed through the skin.

Researchers suggest that indoor dust may be a chemical that disrupts metabolic health, especially for children.

So start now: you should not only eat healthily, but also live healthily!

2.Spacious and bright:

Research shows that bright light can improve training level.

In 2012, a study on the effects of bright and dim light on physical performance showed that male exercisers would be better if they were exposed to bright light before and during exercise.



"Dim lighting can reduce people's sense of balance and body consciousness," kinematic researcher Rowling said.

3.Some fitness equipments

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