Body proportions can be said to directly affect a person's appearance. If you blindly pursue thinness and ignore the body curve, the effect can be imagined.

Whether you need to lose weight or not, the most reasonable reference is to calculate the weight according to your height. The weight corresponding to different heights is definitely different, and the most important point is to look at the body fat rate, even if the weight is the same, But the body fat rate is completely different, so the body curve presented must be completely different.

Therefore, whether a person looks good, in addition to weight, the most important thing is the content of fat and muscle, which is why more and more people pay so much attention to fitness.

For the female group, if you want to get a devil figure, you must have a lordosis curve and a warped curve, which must be inseparable from scientific exercise.

As we all know, lordosis is dependent on congenital conditions, and rearward curvature can be trained to achieve the desired effect.

Next, I will share a set of hip training exercises, which can exercise the gluteus medius, gluteus maximus and minimus.

Action 1: Resistance band clam activation


Resistance band clam activation


The first is to activate the buttocks. You can fully feel the force of the hip muscles. First, let the body lie on the side, keep the knees bent, so that the soles of the feet and the body are in the same line, and the feet are stacked together.

Then the knees should be raised to the highest point, the feet should be brought together, the hips should be continuously tightened for 3-5 seconds, then return to the original position, and then the knees should be raised for 3-5 seconds, Focus on the buttocks the whole time and feel the force in the buttocks. Repeat 10-15 times on each side, repeat 3-4 sets, when you feel the feeling of heat and soreness in the buttocks, it means that the activation of the buttocks has been completed.


Action 2: Walking on the side of the resistance band


Walking on the side of the resistance band


This action mainly trains the gluteus medius minimus. First, choose an resistance band that suits you, put it over the knees of both legs, keep your feet apart, shoulder-width apart, and then bend your knees slightly, while your hips should be tilted back, and your back should be lifted. Be upright and lean forward slightly.

Then use the left hip to drive the left leg, take small steps to the side, walk to the left, keep the resistance band tight throughout the whole process, and tighten the buttocks. Take 15 steps to the left to train the left hip, and then in Take 15 steps to the right to train the right glute, so for one set, repeat for 4 sets.


Action 3: Resistance band side leg raise


Resistance band side leg raise


First, put the resistance band over the knees of both feet, keep both hands and knees on the ground to maintain stability, then tighten the core, use the right hip to drive the right leg up to the right, and keep the contraction for 0.5-1 second when it reaches the peak , then slowly return to the starting position. (If it is difficult to find the feeling of power, you can imagine the feeling of doing lateral raises.) Repeat 10-15 times, and then raise the left leg to the left for 10-15 times, so that it is one set, and repeat 4 sets.


Action 4: Resistance band squat jump


Resistance Band Squat Jump


The above two movements are used to train the gluteus medius and gluteus minimus, and this movement mainly trains the gluteus maximus.

First, put the Resistance band over the knees of the legs, keep the legs open against the resistance, slightly wider than the shoulders, tighten the core, and then do the squat, pay attention to exhale, and accumulate all the strength of the body to the hips, then jump up hard. When landing, do the squat, then continue to jump up, a set of 15-20 times, and repeat 4 sets.


Action 5: Resistance band glute bridge



First lie on your back on the mat, with your hands by your sides naturally, keep your knees bent, tighten the resistance band, put your feet on the ground, keep your back close to the ground, use the soles of your feet and shoulders as fulcrums, and then lift your hips. During the whole process, the hips exert their power. Do not rely on other muscle groups. Slowly lift the hips until the hips and the torso are in a straight line, keep contracting for 2 seconds, then slowly lower them and straighten them up again. One set of 15-20 reps, 4 sets of repetitions.


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