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Dumbbell Full Body Workout Week Plan | Day 1

on September 13, 2021


Dumbbells are very convenient and practical training equipment because you can freely choose the exercises you want to do. Compared with barbells, dumbbells are more flexible and can efficiently use space.

At home, dumbbells can save more space than other equipment. Despite this, the training effect of dumbbells is not worse than other equipment. This is why many people like dumbbell training.

IFAST will share a full-body week plan with dumbbells, hoping to help friends who are busy at work and don't have time to go to the gym.


Day 1: Chest Workout




push up


⚠️: Do not exercise too fast. When you control your torso, feel that your chest is fully stretched. Relax your arms as much as possible. When exerting force, imagine that the elbow joint is embracing the shoulder joint as the axis, and try to find the feeling of squeezing your chest.


Supine Dumbbell Push

Supine dumbbell push



⚠️: Every time you push your chest up, your elbows are clamped up and inward to squeeze your chest, press your shoulder blades firmly on the yoga mat, and you must avoid pulling back the shoulder straps.


Supine Dumbbell Fly


Supine Dumbbell Fly


⚠️: Keep your arms slightly flexed during the entire movement, otherwise your biceps must feel larger than your chest. When applying force, imagine that your biceps should be as close to your chest as possible to find the feeling of chest tightening. When you eccentrically control your fall, try to put it as much as possible. Feel the stretching at a slow speed. For novices, the feeling of the eccentric control phase is generally greater than that of the force phase.


Dumbbell Hip-bridge Press


Dumbbell Hip-bridge Press


⚠️: Maintaining the hip bridge posture bench press is mainly to shift the focus of training from the middle beam to the lower beam and the outer edge of the chest. Therefore, this action has certain advantages in shaping the contour of the chest.


Dumbbell Hip-bridge Fly


Dumbbell Hip-bridge Fly


⚠️: Keep the torso and thighs in a straight line, do not push the hips too much to increase the pressure on the lumbar spine, other details of the action are the same as lying flat.


Dumbbell Bent Over Row


Bent over row


⚠️: The reason for the contraction range is that this action is more inclined to the inside of the chest. Therefore, IFAST suggests that you stay for about 1 second when you fully squeeze the chest to feel the squeeze of the chest.

Today's training is over! IFAST will continue to update your training plan for the next day!







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