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Do you want to have your home gym?

Building a home gym is no easy feat.

IFAST brings you the ultimate guide to building a home gym. We won't say it's very comprehensive, but it covers most of the confusion you'll have about building a home gym. We hope it helps you!

Why build a home gym 

Having a home gym can be life-changing. Picture this:


  • No more gym membership fees.
  • No more driving to the gym.
  • Waiting to use your favorite equipment.

With a home gym, you can exercise as often as you want (even while the kids are sleeping), with access to your shower and toilet in the privacy and cleanliness of your own home. That means 24 hours access to solutions that give you and your family a solid foundation for a healthy and fitness life!

Benefits of home gym  

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Exercise freely
  • Stick to your workout routine
  • Perfect exercise environment
  • More time to be near family
  • Pandemic-proof exercise
  • Design your dreamy gym


Benefits of home gym

How to Build a Home Gym

Building a home gym takes just a few simple steps: Plan, Buy, Assemble, and Finish. Sounds easy too! But there are many factors to consider.

How to get started? You can begin by evaluating the following points:


1.Where to build your home gym

Most people probably have three choices: garage, spare room, or outsideEvery choice has pros and cons. The following will explain to you in detail.

 Garage gym (basement)


garage gym



  • Does not take up space in the house
  • There is usually enough space for equipment
  • Usually, hard-to-damage concrete floors 


  • No air conditioning
  • no community
  • Lack of Variety
  • may be ignored


Spare room


spare room



  • More convenient
  • Temperature matters
  • Excellent environment


  • Occupy house space
  • Small children may be at risk
  • We need to protect the floor




outside home gym



  • Fresh air
  • Bigger space
  • Doesn't damage the floor
  • Enjoy beautiful summer


  • Weather factor
  • Mess up the garden
  • May damage the equipment

2.Confirm the amount of free space

First, measure the usable space before deciding the size of the equipment that can be purchased. Pay attention to reserving space for changing bars, moving equipment, etc. If you want the equipment to have a pull-up function, it is recommended that the ceiling be at least off the ground. The 240 cm (or more) height avoids insufficient space during training. If the size is not enough, the head of the pull-up may directly hit the ceiling.


build home gym plan


Don't worry about the small space at home. There is a well-stocked weight bench and adjustable dumbbells. With just one square meter of space, you can exercise as much as possible. If the room is smaller, you can consider using kettlebells. You only need one kettlebell that can be used for full-body training.

If you want to understand the possibilities of gyms of different sizes, you can refer to this article from powerlifting: small home gym setup

3.What kind of training do you want to do

Your fitness goals are nothing more than these two:


  • Lose fat and muscle
  • Muscle building and strength training

Everyone has a favorite training mode: strength training, kettlebell training, special training, etc. Follow your training menu to add the equipment you need. If you want to bench press, you need a suitable weight bench; if you're squatting with a barbell, it is safer to use a squat rack. Want to choose between dumbbells or barbells? If there is a pulley system, you can do fly, biceps, triceps training, etc., to make movement more diverse.


fitness equipment training


4.How to choose home fitness equipment 

At IFAST Home Gym, we recommend starting with four pieces of equipment (for most people):


  • Barbell
  • Weight plate
  • Weight bench
  • A power rack  

In addition, you can add adjustable dumbbells, exercise bikes, and many fitness accessories, such as weightlifting belts, resistance bands, weightlifting hooks, etc. These accessories can protect you from training with less effort.

Barbell buying guide


barbell bar buying guide


There are many kinds of barbells on the market. How should we choose? The following points should be considered.

Material: Most of them are steel, quality steel > aluminum, and steel is divided into stainless steel, alloy steel, high carbon steel and so on.

Maximum weight (Capacity): How much weight can be placed on this barbell. Generally, a high-profile barbell can be added to a weight of 1500lb (about 680KG).

Bearing: It affects whether the lever sleeve rotates smoothly or not. It is divided into the Copper bushing and Needle Bearing. Usually, needle bearings are smoother than copper bushing bearings, but in terms of quality, they are also. Needle rollers are not necessarily better than copper sleeve bearings. It depends on the product quality of the factory. The quality of the relevance will also affect whether the rotation is smooth. As for why the bar sleeve rotates, it is mainly used to protect the wrist. If the force goes in a specific direction, it may injure the wrist if it does not turn.

Surface treatment (Coating): Electroplated chrome, stainless steel, electro-galvanized, manganese phosphate, black paint and primary color, etc.

Knurling (Knurl): Mainly for anti-slip function, each company has different designs or according to the specifications specified by IWF and IPF.



IFAST Advice: A decent bar is something you only need to buy once and never think about it again. If you're on a budget and don't currently lift hefty weights, consider starting with a cheaper bar. You can always upgrade and use this bar as a rundown practice bar or sell it.

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Weight plate buying guide


bumper weight plate buying guide


Barbell plates, seemingly simple, are just the weights of the barbells, but when it comes to purchasing, I often feel that there are various sizes, shapes, materials, colors, and prices. Let's take a look at the difference between different barbell plates.

Olympic weight plate and small hole plate: the inner hole is 50-51mm, and the barbell plate used with the Olympic bar can be called the Olympic plate, and sometimes it is also called the large hole plate.

The sheet with a 28-30mm central aperture is called a small hole sheet, which is mainly used for barbell exercises and home use, and is familiar with some dumbbells.

Cast iron weight plate:


  • The material is cast iron or pure iron.
  • The outer layer is electroplated and painted.
  • It is not covered with soft materials such as rubber. 

The texture is harsh and retro, and the price is low. Sound) is easy to be broken when dropped, and it is easy to damage the floor.

Bumper plate: the inner layer is mostly iron, and the outer layer is covered with rubber (neoprene rubber, nitrile rubber) of varying thicknesses. The outer layer of rubber can play the role of buffering and noise reduction and protect the bell plate, the ground, and even the user's feet. 


IFAST bumper plates



IFAST Advice: IFAST Olympic bumper plates have an IWF standard 450MM diameter, minimal surface imperfections, and a weight within 1% of their target. It offers a dead bounce and durability rarely seen in an economical plate. It can prevent potential injury. The considerably reduced noise of Olympic bumper plates can be a blessing, especially if they're at home and you have kids, and neighbors close by.

Weight bench buying guide 


IFAST weight bench buying guide


As common fitness aids, Dumbbell benches are often used to assist in the completion of fitness movements such as incline dumbbell bench presses, descending dumbbell bench presses, and flat dumbbell birds. The dumbbell bench allows you to use the correct way and standardized movements to maximize the stimulation of the chest and abdominal muscles and achieve the maximum exercise effect with half the effort.

Here's how to choose a weight bench.

1.Take a look at the product features: backrest adjustment angle, seat adjustment angle, stool height, and length, maximum load-bearing

Dumbbell benches are mainly used to assist in completing some necessary dumbbell exercises, such as up/down bench press, flat bird, etc. With core functions, the simpler, the better. The following are the four core functions to focus on:


  • Adjustable backrest: 0° - 90° (some people want to buy -15°-90°, the negative angle can be used for downward bench press, but it is not necessary)
  • Partially adjustable seat (to avoid slipping when doing incline presses)
  • Moderate height: about 40-60cm
  • Maximum weight: more than 150kg is recommended

2.Look at product quality: focus on design structure, production materials, connection methods, backrest and stool surface materials and design

     Four factors affect the quality of a dumbbell bench:

  • Design structure
  • Materials
  • Connection method
  • Backrest and Stool Top Materials and Designs

3.Look at the convenience of the product:

  • Easy to move, moderate footprint 
  • For easy movement, choose one with pulleys.
  • Since it is for home use, pay attention to the product's footprint.


IFAST weight bench



IFAST Advice: IFAST FID weight bench is designed with a unique frame with a triangular structure.Twelve positions adjustment and made of heavy-duty commercial quality steel, which is very sturdy and durable. All this is especially important to you. 

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Power rack buying guide


IFAST power rack buying guide


The power rack is a must if you are interested in doing squats or bench presses. Without it, you cannot lift a maximum weight.

Not only does it help you get more exercise, but it's also an important safety device if you lift weights alone. And there's a good chance you're doing it in your home gym!

1.Choose the right type

2.Select the correct attachment

Choosing the right attachments and stations for your power rack will allow all possible workout combinations. Here are some standard accessories that can help you reach your weightlifting goals:

  • Chin up bars
  • Monkey bars
  • Cable crossover
  • Lat pulldown 
  • Knee holder for lats
  • Lat pulldown and low row
  • J-Hooks
  • Monolift Systems
  • Band pegs
  • Core trainers
  • Dip handle
  • Plate holders
  • Benches

3.Verify load-bearing capacity

4.Consider your safety

5.Check the hole spacing

The holes should be uniform in diameter and extend from top to bottom. This is important to do low, medium, and high lifts. Small adjustment increments are best, about ½" to 1" apart, and are essential for adjusting safety detents and j-hooks to precisely tailor your body size and workout goals.

6.Read the warranty

Whether you're buying in-store or online, it's essential to know the product's warranty period.

IFAST Advice: This money is necessary! The power you can afford a 2×2"" 11 gauge steel frame or better; you should be good to go! Rack is a huge safety aspect, especially if you exercise independently. There are many horror stories of accidents caused by people exercising without safety arms or loading too much on the squat rack.

Our power cage are worth it for recreational lifters who want an affordable, customizable power rack. It has the following advantages:


IFAST power cage


1.Easy to install and use

2.Can be installed under low ceilings


IFAST power cage height


3.Included accessories provide a variety of options


power cage attachment


From the included pulley system to the pull-up and dip bars, you can do a lot with this power cage beyond simple squats.

If you want to build a home gym quickly, the IFAST home gym package can help you very well.



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Adjustable dumbbells buying guide


IFAST adjustabel dumbbell buying guide


$1000+ for a decent set of fixed weight dumbbells and although they are the gold standard for home gym settings, not all of us have that kind of cash to spend and many of us have limited space at home gyms, 10 To 15 sets of dumbbells can take up a lot of valuable space in your home gym. That's where the adjustable dumbbells add extra points.


  • Easy to adjust
  • twist lock
  • quick adjustment
  • handle length
  • Durability
  • Expandable
  • Price



IFAST Advice: IFAST adjustable dumbbells use storage boxes to avoid messy ground items when you finish training. This set of dumbbells can be combined into a barbell in one step using a connecting rod; no additional purchase is required. It can meet the strength choices of you and your family. Adjust the weight according to your needs. Below is the IFAST Adjustable Dumbbell workout video.



Exercise bike buying guide


IFAST exercise bike buying guide


There are five different ways to bring a bike into your home: Spinning Indoor Bikes, Upright Bikes, Recumbent Bikes, Air Bikes, and Bike Trainers that allow you to use your outdoor bike indoors. But before getting into the genre, you need to understand the basics of indoor cycling features. Which is:

Freewheel: A large weighted disc, usually between 30 and 50 pounds, sits on the front of the bike through which a typical front wheel can pass, connected to the pedals by a chain or belt. This helps create a sense of power and provides a smooth, smooth feel as you pedal. Not all bikes have these, though - some use magnetic or fan-based resistance.

Saddle: A place to sit while riding a bike. These generally vary between "performance" saddles, which are long and narrow and have minimal padding, and "plush" saddles, which are more comprehensive and have more padding.

Pedals: Where you place your feet and move for your workout. Some pedals may be bare, while others may have a loop or cage to hold your feet in place. The pedals will have a clip-in mechanism on some bikes, which requires special cycling shoes to ride.

Resistance: Resistance is the tension you feel when you pedal the bike. This can be controlled via a knob or a console with buttons. Bikes have three different resistance mechanisms, usually corresponding to their price.


IFAST exercise bike


IFAST Advice: An exercise bike can help you achieve your fitness goals without paying for expensive gym memberships. Cycling provides an efficient, low-impact cardio workout, and having your exercise bike allows you to log miles on your own time. In addition to boosting heart health, an exercise bike helps build abs, calves, glutes, and quads—without putting unnecessary stress on your joints. If you have a balance, you can start!



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5.Other family members

Considering the safety of children and pets at home, equipped with good storage and high protection will be a priority. In addition, if you are training for girls, teenagers, middle-aged and older adults, and people with insufficient muscle strength, you can consider purchasing weight-bearing equipment with a low-weight combination: such as hip lifts, 2KG barbells, 8kg kettlebells, 4 ft colored barbells, 44lb adjustable dumbbells or weights (0.5~2.5KG), etc.


Other family members


 After the equipment is shipped, you will need to prepare the following tools: 

  • Scissors or blades (unpack the outer box or the inner compartment.) 
  • Tape measure (convenient to measure the space, if the screws are mixed, you can also use a ruler to judge the length of the screws.)
  • Wrench (2 to 3 movable or ratchet wrench, the electric twist is better.)
  • Stool (Convenient to lock the screw in the high place.)

In addition to tools, you need a good helper (essential! Be sure to have someone to help you when setting up a squat rack.)


6.Buy floor mats

It is recommended to lay a floor mat within the range of training activities to prevent the equipment from falling to the ground and causing damage and prevent the equipment from wearing the foundation, anti-slip, etc. Floor mats should be purchased earlier than equipment, even after confirming the space, order and lay them first to avoid height errors due to the thickness of the floor mats. And when the equipment is delivered, the cardboard box will occupy a lot of space. At this time, the floor mat must be moved and the cardboard box must be moved, which increases the burden of the assembly work.


floor mats for home gym


In addition to the use of space and whether there is air conditioning, floor mats should be selected. If it is at home, choosing odorless or low-odor ones is recommended. The thickness of the rug is divided into a thick carpet and a thin mat. A thin floor mat <1cm prevents the equipment from wearing down the ground, is light in weight, easy to install, and is cheaper and more affordable. However, if you have the exercise of "throwing the bar" or the equipment will hit the ground, choosing a thicker floor mat is recommended.

7.Design your home gym


design your home gym


Designing and decorating your home gym to make it an attractive place is one of the best ways to make sure you want to work out regularly. Let's start by looking at the essential elements:



light for home gym


You don't have to blow up your workout space with the overhead light you'll find in a commercial gym. Installing multi-level lighting with multiple fixtures - and using dimmers to control those fixtures - can create a more inviting atmosphere and allow light levels to be adjusted for various activities.



Ventilation  of home gym

Ventilation is a must. If your home gym is in the house, open a window and you'll be fine, although an extractor fan or dehumidifier may be more effective at keeping the room from getting wet, especially when it's cold.




Mirrors of home gym


Female bodybuilder posing in front of the mirror in gym, male bodybuilder correcting deadlift in front of the mirror. Looking in the mirror in the gym has always been a subconscious action for many fitness enthusiasts. Taking a selfie in front of the mirror has also become the way for most fitness enthusiasts to check in and record their exercise.


Sound system

While running on a treadmill or exercise bike in a professional gym, there's likely to be music and a TV or two to distract you or entertain you -- there's no reason not to include that when designing a home gym. A good sound in the home gym can bring a better fitness effect if there is a good sound.

In addition, the role of sound is to express music, shape the atmosphere, and make the weak signal of the sound more robust. A piece of good sound equipment is indispensable, and it will bring a better fitness experience and environmental effects to the gym. When purchasing gym audio, we must consider the power, dynamics, impedance, distortion, etc. Different functions have different internal signal processing. 

You can also add posters, motivational quotes or anything else to decorate your home gym, these will make you more comfortable and show your personality!


home gym poster


7.Complete your home gym 

If you can create space for it, you should consider it - a home gym is one such asset that positively encourages fitness and positivity in your life. There are a lot of areas in our home that are underutilized; unused bedrooms, basements and cluttered attics, and empty buildings and garages outside that can be turned into your own gym.

IFAST provides you with a lot of home fitness equipment, and will also help you quickly build your home gym, regularly update fitness blogs to provide you with professional fitness plans .You can follow us on Instagram or Facebook 

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