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The barbell is a core training exercise equipment used for weightlifting. Barbell exercise is a weight training type that only uses barbell training equipment to improve muscle strength training. You can also use barbells for core training to promote overall coordination.

Barbells have a wide range of uses, whether it is the shoulders, back, arms, chest, and other muscles, with the help of barbells and iron plates of different weights, using multiple special muscle strength training techniques, muscle endurance training for the whole body muscle group, so that Burn fat, convert it into toned lines, strengthen muscle strength, enhance the core ability of the body, and improve muscles that are still loose after a long time of exercise; in addition, it can delay muscle aging, increase bone density, prevent osteoporosis and other effects, improve endocrine, to improve body coordination, is one of the sports that men and women who want to exercise can engage in exercise.

IFAST Full Body Barbell Workout

IFAST has prepared a total body barbell workout for everyone! This infographic includes 23 best barbell workouts for you. We hope you enjoy this infographic and spend some time learning these barbell exercises. 

The barbell exercises that can be used for each part are listed for everyone; as long as you stick to them, you can achieve your fitness goals.


IFAST full body barbell workout infographic

Download or printable workout infographic

IFAST Barbell

We have high quality 7Ft barbell and Olympic bumper plate for you. Buy now to start your fitness plan!

 7Ft Olympic barbell bar

IFAST 7 ft Olympic bar is made of high-grade steel, giving it a tensile strength rating of 190 000 psi and 700 lb capacity. It is a best-seller because they are affordable, functional, and perfect for athletes from every fitness domain. They can withstand the demands of aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

You can do a variety of exercises like bench press, bicep curl, piggyback, overhead press or lunge. It can be used at home or taken to the gym to build muscle and relieve stress.


7Ft Olympic barbell bar




Olympic bumper weight plate

Are you not sure whether you should use those hard cast iron plates or the colorful Olympic bumper plates?

IFAST Olympic weight bumper plates bring you the best answer.

Our Olympic weight bumper plates have a higher center of gravity that prevents potential injury. Don't worry about the low center of gravity of the barbell and strain your back. The considerably reduced noise of Olympic bumper plates can be a blessing especially if they’re at home and you have kids, neighbors close by.


IFAST bumper plates




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