Everyone wants to stay in good shape in summer.

However, getting in shape means different things to different people.

Guys focus on shedding their tummy and working out their pecs and abs, while most girls opt for their legs, and some like to shape their perfect hips, which will give them the confidence to wear skinny new jeans in the city swagger. If you also want to exercise an ideal hip curve, you need some of these hip exercises.

First of all, the buttocks are mainly divided into the gluteus maximus and the gluteus medius minimus. The gluteus maximus primarily makes the buttocks more upturned and more prominent. The gluteus medius minimus is to make the buttocks fuller and more stylish, so these must be taken into account when we train buttocks.

Here are 10 hip exercises that you must do:

1.Glute Bridge
2.Straight Leg Deadlift
3.Wide Stance Squat
4.Lunge Squats
5.Wide Back Squat
6.Back Leg Raise
7.Side Leg Raise
8.Lunge Exercises
9.Barbell Hip Thrust
10.Bicycle Kicks


1.Glute Bridge

Glute Bridge


This is a must-have exercise for buttocks training and can load weights. It mainly exercises the gluteus maximus.

Precautions for this action:

  • The feet should not be stepped too far forward
  • The weight must be placed on the hip joint to avoid pain
  • The peak contraction is significant, and the hands can be placed on the buttocks to feel the force
  • Rest on the upper back On a stool or elsewhere.

2.Straight Leg Deadlift

Straight Leg Deadlift


It is also a hip-dominant action and one of the must-have exercises for hip training.

Precautions for this movement:

  • There is a certain amount of weight
  • It is not advisable to bend the knees too much
  • The movement must be slow and the hips must be closed to find a sense of strength
  • The barbell is best to go down with the legs. In addition to exercising the hamstrings, this exercise is very effective for the erector spine and upper gluteus maximus.


3.Wide Stance Squat


Wide Stance Squat


Although the squat is mainly for the training of the legs, there is still some stimulation for the buttocks and leg training is also very important; I think it is also one of the basic movements. Precautions for this action:

  • Be sure to have wide legs, and toes should be properly extended.
  • It is recommended to use Smith equipment
  • Dumbbells can be used instead.

4.Lunge Squats

For this action and the previous action above, I recommend choosing 2 of the above four actions as the primary weight-bearing action for each training, and then you can exercise alternately.

The main precautions for this action:

  • Keep the thigh and calf vertical as far as possible
  • It is not advisable to take one step too far and the knee of the hind leg does not touch the ground.
  • You can choose a straight line to determine the number of groups according to the distance.

5.Wide Back Squat

Wide Back Squat


Stand with feet wide apart, toes facing out, back straight, core tightened, hold the barbell with both hands broad apart and raise it to the back of your neck.

Keep your body stable, keep your back straight, sit back, bend your knees and squat to your maximum, then stand up and restore

Keep your back straight throughout the movement, keep your knees in the same direction as your toes, and be careful not to lock your knees when you stand up.

6.Back Leg Raise

Back Leg Raise


This action is pretty simple: kneel on your knees, straighten your arms to your sides, lift one leg off the floor, and push your foot toward the ceiling. Then lower the leg slowly and repeat the alternating leg exercise.

It can be a little uncomfortable at first and give you cramps, so be sure to do some proper stretching after your practice. Also, add some ankle weight as you get used to it, like hanging a small dumbbell between your calf and foot to increase the difficulty.

7.Side Leg Raise


Side Leg Raise


Lie on your side—with some extra padding on the floor, like a thick blanket or a couple of yoga mats—then lift one leg and slowly lower it after holding the stretch straight for a few seconds. When you're done with one side, switch to the other side. This is a method used to work some of the smaller muscles in the legs and buttocks.

8.Lunge Exercises

Lunge Exercises


This is a method used to improve our flexibility and balance, and it allows your legs and hips to engage more.

The trick is to keep your legs wider than shoulder-width while shifting your weight to one side, squatting on one leg, and keeping the other leg straight. When you get as far as you can go, bend the toes of the straight leg up, hold for a few seconds, then stretch, and when you're done on one side, shift your weight to the other side, repeat the same movement and alternate.

9.Barbell Hip Thrust

Barbell Hip Thrust


Lie on your back, with your upper back on the edge of the stool, your legs bent and knees about shoulder-width apart, your feet on the ground, your hips sinking and hanging in the air, holding the barbell with both hands on your hips.

Keeping your body stable, tighten your hips and push the bar until your upper body is on the same plane as your thighs.

Stop for a while at the top, feel the contraction of the gluteus maximus, and then actively control the speed to slowly restore, be careful not to sit on the mat with your buttocks.

10.Bicycle Kicks 


This is an excellent way to target the abdominal and gluteal muscles, and I believe that every woman will want these two parts to be perfect in the summer. So, lie flat on the bed, lift your leg from the ground to about 45°, then the other leg will start to lift the same 45° without interruption, alternately raising, non-stop, like running in the air. It is a feeling, repeated practice. 

The above are excellent exercises that will slowly plump, round, and firm your hips, but you should also pay attention to other forms of training or cardio. As a reminder, you don't have to overdo everything - train three times a week or so, focus on keeping yourself improving and experimenting, and you'll have the perfect right curve in no time.


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