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Dad bod vs Fit Bod


Being a good dad isn't easy, so there's no reason not to pick a gift for dad this Father's Day. If your dad has a Dad bod and wants to boost his fitness, give him a fitness gift this Father's Day that will inspire a healthy lifestyle and bring him joy. Think of it as an act of service as you will contribute to his health and longevity while also putting a smile on his face.

What is a Dad Bod? 

Dad bod is a pop culture slang term for a body type characteristic of middle-aged men. The phrase is now being used to refer to men who were once exceptionally thin or fit but developed excess body fat over time, usually around the waist, leading to a "beer belly." Arms, legs and chest usually remain toned.

Disadvantages of Dad Bod

Cardiovascular problems

Cardiovascular is very important to the human body. Once cardiovascular problems occur, they will cause significant harm to the body. And beer belly can easily lead to cardiovascular problems. This is because people with beer belly generally have a lot of fat. In this way, fat will enter the blood, quickly leading to blood circulation problems. And if lubricant flows to the cardiovascular system with the blood, it will likely accumulate in the cardiovascular system, causing cardiovascular problems.

Damage to the spine

The spine is a significant bone in the human body, and people with a beer belly are usually prone to spinal damage. If there is a beer belly, it is easy to cause the body's center of gravity to move forward, quickly changing the spine's shape, resulting in spinal injuries. This is because a beer belly will increase the burden on the lumbar muscles and spine, quickly leading to spinal problems.

Influence on appearance

Obesity affects body image, and naturally, so does a beer belly. Generally speaking, people with a beer belly are bulkier and have a lot of body fat, which will affect everyone's movement. People with a beer belly look older and lose their appearance. A beer belly can also lead to inconvenience for everyone.

How to get rid of Dad bod for summer?

According to experts, you can build a complete home gym for less than $2000. If you're most interested in bodyweight workouts, you can do them for under $100. All you need is a yoga mat, a weighted jump rope, and some resistance bands. If you have the budget for home gym essentials, there are plenty of adjustable dumbbells, exercise bikes, and weight benches to choose from.

1.Get enough cardio

Do one to two hours of cardiovascular training per week to supplement your strength training. Exercise bikes help you reach your fitness goals, minus the pricey gym membership. Biking offers an efficient, low-impact cardio workout, and having your exercise bike lets, you log miles on your own time. In addition to promoting heart health, Exercise bikes help tone abs, calves, glutes, and quads—without placing unnecessary stress on joints.


IFAST white exercise bike


IFAST Exercise Bike

2.Start strength training

To get rid of the Dad bod, you need to replace some fat with muscle, a simple set of weights is an easy way to start. Adjustable dumbbells are an excellent option if you want something a little more complicated.

Adjustable dumbbells to meet the strength choices of you and your family. Adjust the weight according to your needs. This set of dumbbells can be combined into a barbell in one step using a connecting rod. No additional purchase is required. Adjustable cast iron dumbbells can be used with a weight bench for shoulder and chest training. 


IFAST adjustable dumbbells with weight bench

If dumbbells don't suit your speed, we recommend investing in kettlebells. They can improve strength and balance while helping you with some cardio training. Adding a kettlebell to your home fitness routine doesn't take up much space, but it adds a challenging element to your workout routine.


IFAST kettlebells

IFAST kettlebell


Hex bar deadlift is more suitable for beginners, safer for the back, and stimulates the leg muscles more. In addition, the hexagonal bar can be used not only for deadlifts but also for more movements depending on the size, or the open hexagonal bar (Intek ModF Bar), such as shoulder press farmer's walk, press, lunge, Split squat etc. IFAST hex bar with a weight plate can help you.



hex bar and bumper plate


IFAST Olympic barbell weight plate with the hex bar


3.Essential Fitness Accessories

Some fitness accessories are a must-have if you want to lose weight or stay in shape and build muscle. We should choose the appropriate fitness equipment for different purposes. Only the scientific use of fitness equipment accessories can better serve our health.

IFAST LAT pull-down attachment is excellent for building stronger triceps with various compound push exercises, assisting the muscles around the elbows, wrists, back and shoulders. This combo is an affective attachment to the muscles, building strength and improving fitness and bodybuilding with many triceps exercises, especially the V-bar push-down and seated cable row.



IFAST LAT pull down attachment


IFAST LAT pull down attachment

Insufficient. The weightlifting belt provides stable support and protection for the spine, reduces the pressure on the intervertebral disc during weight-bearing, protects the spine and prevents injuries, especially when squatting and deadlifting. The belt can speed up the movement speed of squatting and increase the explosive power. The recommendation is to use a belt when lifting heavy weights, especially when the spine is stressed.

Notice: 💥To celebrate Father's Day, use the code "FitDad" to get a free weightlifting belt valued at $49.9 on orders over $399 during 6.15-6.22.


IFAST weightlift belt

IFAST weightlifting belt

Looking for last-minute gifts for your dad? Don't let him down.

IFAST wishes all dads around the world a happy Father's Day



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