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Compared with other fitness equipment, the most significant advantage of the power rack is that it can help you exercise a very comprehensive part. Its limitations are relatively small. Every home gym will have it, and there can be many kinds. The corresponding exercise method can increase your body flexibility and exercise every part of your body, so it is very suitable for exercise and fitness. 

Power cage muscle worked

The power rack is fitness equipment that can exercise all body parts well. If you use the rack to do low rope chest clips, you can exercise the upper part of the chest muscles well. If you are doing high rope chest clips, then in time, you can exercise the lower pectoral muscles very well. In other words, the power cage can exercise the upper and lower chest muscles. At the same time, it has a good exercise effect on the biceps and triceps of the arms. Moreover, suppose you want to exercise the muscles of the back. In that case, you can also use the LAT pull-down, which can exercise the lower part of the latissimus dorsi well, and use specific methods to exercise our trapezius muscles.

What exercises can you do with the power cage?

IFAST has prepared a full-body power cage workout poster for everyone! If you are interested, you can download it to exercise.

 Download or printable power rack exercise poster

IFAST full-body power cage workout poster


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