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What is a power rack vs squat rack?

Do you have many questions about the power rack? IFAST has invited many authoritative experts in the fitness field to review our power rack. The following product reviews may help you solve these problems



The 9 Best Power Racks of 2022 | Verywellfit


IFAST power rack package


"If you're looking to take your workouts to a new level, look no further than a power rack, which is a sturdy piece of equipment that can act as a pullup bar, a squat rack, and a bench press all in one. When looking for a power rack, check to make sure it's adjustable and can mount J-hooks, dip bars, and other pieces at different heights to craft a compact home gym that suits your workout needs."

"We researched dozens of power racks and evaluated them for material, durability, price, adjustability, features, and weight capacity. Each of the power racks chosen in this article was determined to be the best of these factors."

The IFAST Multi-Functional Power Cage is a highly customizable option for exercisers who know exactly what they are looking for in a home workout system. Choose from five different packages - just a different combination of cages or weightlifting accessories, including weight benches, triceps ropes, double D-handles, V-bars, swivel straight bars, weight plates, Olympic bars, squat pads and fitness gloves.




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IFast Power Cage with Lat Pulldown Review | Powerliftingtechnique


power rack with LATpull down review


"There are so many options for squat racks and power cages that it’s easy to get lost wondering what makes one great and another not so great. I’m here to share my experience with the IFAST Fitness Power Cage with Lat Pulldown, which I’ve tested for more than 50 workouts. "

"So is the IFAST Fitness Power Cage with Lat Pulldown worth it? The IFAST Fitness Power Cage with Lat Pulldown is worth it for casual lifters who want an affordable, customizable power rack. It’s easy to assemble and the overall quality is decent."


  • A detailed overview of the IFAST Fitness Power Cage
  • The pros and cons of this power cage
  • The key features of this power cage
  • A look at what other athletes have to say about this power cage
  • Alternative power cage options



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IFAST Power Rack Review | USAHomeGym


The IFAST Power Rack is a 1000lb multifunctional power cage that has been gaining popularity among fitness enthusiasts and home gym owners alike. It is designed with a variety of attachments to allow for a multitude of exercises and has received positive customer reviews as a highly customizable power rack option.

So, who is the IFAST Power Rack ideal for? We have tried and tested this rack and give you all the detail in this post.


USAhome gym


Keep reading to find out about the multi-function power rack’s design features, attachments, compatible exercises, pros, and cons.


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Power Rack Buying Guide

power rack buying guide


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