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4 Best Glute Workouts


Buttocks are not just for women.

Sexy buttocks are not a woman's patent! Men's buttocks are just as charming. Women will often examine men's buttocks because it is a male body specimen worth showing off. If the buttocks are beautiful, they will be favored by women.

The buttocks are an important muscle group in the body. They maintain the stability of the pelvis and play a critical role in walking and standing. However, due to the long-term sitting of office workers or the long-term poor sitting posture of people nowadays, The flattening of the buttocks affects not only the beauty of the body but also the body's health.

So, what are the benefits of a glute workout?


1.Strengthen the muscles of the lower limbs

As the primary muscle group of the lower limbs, the buttocks are connected with the muscles of the legs. It is said that the legs and hips are not separated from each other. Regular buttocks training can also strengthen the muscle lines of the legs. The body is relatively coordinated. It looks more symmetrical and beautiful.


barbell squat



Frequent acute buttock training and lower limb muscle strengthening will delay the body's aging. The muscles of the lower limbs are stronger, which will increase the metabolism and strength of the entire body, making the skin more delicate and looking younger.


3.Dress better 

The perfect hip curve can outline the body line very well. Whether a man or a woman, a good-looking hip line will look perfect in dressing and matching, and the rate of return on the street will be very high.

How do men develop beautiful buttocks?

The following is a group of butt workouts; practice the best butt. 


4 Best Glute Workouts


🍑Cable Pull Throughs

With proper form, Cable pull-throughs can promote hip hypertrophy or muscle growth. They also help you practice hip movements, essential for other compound exercises like the Romanian deadlift (RDL)and barbell hip thrusts.


Cable Pull Throughs

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  • Stand with your back to the rope equipment, open your legs slightly wider than your hips, adjust the anchor point to a low position, and grab the V-shaped handle from your crotch with both hands to stand upright.
  • Stand upright, grab the handle of the rope machine with both hands and pull forward. Both hands are drawn from the crotch by the rope's weight and extended backward. l Keep your legs slightly bent, bend your hips, and turn your upper body on. When the upper body is bent to be parallel to the ground, tighten the hips and push forward, and push the body forward.
  • Pay attention to push forward with the strength of the hips and stand up straight, rather than pulling the handle along with both hands.
  • Train 12 times.


🍑Back Elevated BB Hip Thrusts


Back Elevated BB Hip Thrusts

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  • Hip Thrust is considered to be the most effective glutes workout, and it can give you more beautiful buttocks in appearance. In addition, your explosiveness will increase as you do the ascending movements of the squat and deadlift.
  • Sit on the ground with a bench behind you, bend your knees so your feet are on the ground, and hold the bar under your hips. If you have a padded bar or anything you can slide between the bar and your body, this will greatly improve workout comfort.
  • Lean back so your shoulders are on the bench and place the bar above your hips. Push your hips up to lift the bar. Pause at the top of the lift, squeeze your hips, then slowly lower your hips. In the highest position, your knees should be bent 90°, your shoulders should be close to the top of the bench, and your body should form a straight line between them.
  • It's worth trying to do the exercise without any weights at first, and make sure you feel the movement primarily in your hips, not your thighs or lower back. 


🍑BB Landmine RDL Glute Squeeze

The Landmine Romanian Deadlift, also known as the Landmine RDL, is a variant of the Romanian deadlift that is primarily used to work the hamstrings and glutes.

While all hip exercises primarily target the hamstrings, the RDL has long been considered a variation of the "leg" deadlift. A sensible option to increase training frequency and exercise movement patterns is to do an RDL on a leg training day and another deadlift variation on a back or pull training day.


BB Landmine RDL Glute Squeeze

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  • Stand with a bar between your legs, hands on the handlebars, and place the bar in the groove of the V-bar.
  • Standing up straight and starting the RDL, push your hips back and hinge forward until the bar is just below knee height.
  • Go through your entire foot and focus on pushing the floor away.
  • Return to the starting position and repeat as many repetitions as desired.


🍑Step Up kickbacks


Step Up kickbacks

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  • Stand in front of a step or weight bench with a plate or pair of dumbbells in hand.
  • Put one foot on the bench, press down with your heel, and lift your body up until your leg is straight while extending your back leg behind you, contracting your hamstrings and hips.
  • Without placing the second foot on the bench, slowly lower the free leg back to the ground.
  • Keep your feet pressed against the bench and repeat with the same leg.
  • After completing the rep with one leg, switch legs and repeat. 



Build that butt with this follow along full glutes workout circuit video!

On the basis of the above hip training, if you combine dietary calorie control and aerobic exercise to reduce calorie intake and increase body calorie consumption, you can reduce body fat more effectively, and you will be able to reduce calorie intake and increase body calorie consumption. See the training effect quickly. Here are some recommended exercises for hip lifts without equipment

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7 Hip Lift Exercises For Men

1.Climbing stairs often


Climbing stairs often


Keeping the perfect hip line According to the survey, the girls in the mountain city have the most upturned buttocks. The reason is that the terrain of Chongqing makes people climb mountains daily. Make up your mind, from now on, you must climb the stairs every day when you commute to get off work or go home, and don't be lazy to retake the elevator. The perfect hip shape is shaped like this every day.


2.Watching TV while exercising

Sit one-third of your buttocks on the sofa, and then watch TV, feel the whole body dynamic, the place you pay special attention to is the buttocks, as long as the buttocks are hard, keep this posture, the time of a TV series, your The buttocks will be significantly lifted.


3.Do housework


Do housework


Sculpting buttocks and doing housework are crucial ways to exercise the body and reflect on family life. When sweeping or mopping the floor, hold the broom or mop handle tightly with both hands and stretch it as far as possible so that the strength of the buttocks will naturally increase, and the power of the movement of the arms will also increase. The effect of plastic buttocks is better.


4.Wear high heels

Lifting the hips and tightening the abdomen Often, wearing high heels can make women look taller and exercise the buttocks and tighten the abdominal muscles. According to American research, women who walk in high heels will involuntarily shrink their hips and abdomen, thus effectively strengthening their buttocks and abdominal muscles. If you want to thin your buttocks, you can wear high heels and walk for 30 minutes every day. There will be unexpected results.

5.Internet time

Tighten the buttocks. When you are sitting in front of the computer or the TV, slowly tighten the buttocks muscles, bring the center of gravity to the bottom of the lumbar spine, and then try to maintain this position, then relax the whole strength, and repeat several times until you are tired. But mm should pay attention, do not let the body lean forward or rely on the feet to help maintain the center of gravity during the process.


6.Massage the lymph

With both hands in palms, push down from the navel with moderate force, then concentrate the pushed fat and burn it through lymphatic movement. Move the fat to the buttocks, then push up from the back of the thighs, let the fat move the buttocks position, then drag the buttocks with both hands, pull the buttocks up, and remember this feeling subconsciously.


7.Appropriate massage before going to bed

Tightening the buttocks muscles Every night before going to bed or after bathing, the whole body's skin is relaxed. At this time, rubbing every inch of the skin on the buttocks with your hands can remind the skin to start to contract and tighten. If you apply a butt beauty product after massaging and stick to it for a long time, you can easily have sexy buttocks. Also, learn about hip exercises that allow you to achieve hip lifts quickly.


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