How much does the barbell bar weigh? 

How long is a barbell bar?

Do you have many questions and concerns when you decide to buy an Olympic Bar?

IFAST has invited many authoritative experts in the fitness field to review our equipment. The following fitness reviews may help you solve these problems


IFAST Barbell Review | Powerliftingtechnique

barbell review


  • Provide a detailed overview of the IFAST Fitness weightlifting barbell
  • Discuss the barbell’s pros and cons
  • Talk about the barbell’s key features
  • Share a list of things to consider when buying a barbell
  • Offer alternatives to the IFAST Fitness weightlifting barbell

"A good quality barbell is a necessity for any home gym, but you don’t have to spend a ton of money on one if you know where to look."

"IFAST Fitness is a home gym equipment supplier that sells barbells, squat racks, and other pieces of equipment at affordable prices. I’ve been using the IFAST Fitness 7 foot Olympic weightlifting barbell for about six months, and I’m here to share my experience and give you my honest thoughts on it."


IFAST barbell bar


So is the IFAST Fitness 7 foot Olympic weightlifting barbell worth it? The IFAST Fitness Olympic barbell is worth it for casual lifters and home gym owners looking for an affordable all-purpose barbell. I’d even recommend it for male Olympic weightlifters who are new to the sport. But competitive powerlifters or weightlifters should opt for a barbell that’s tailored to your sport.




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IFAST Olympic Weightlifting Bar Review | Shreddeddad


barbell bar review


"The IFAST Olympic weightlifting bar has been good to me so far.

Love how it spins when I’m using it for snatches and power cleans.

And it has the right amount of knurling so it doesn’t slip.

Let’s check it out!"

1 Unboxing
2 Specs
3 IFAST Olympic Weightlifting Bar
3.1 Dimensions
3.2 Loadable Sleeve Length
4 Tensile Strength
5 Olympic Weightlifting Bar Knurling
5.1 Center Knurling
5.2 Double Ring Marks
6 IFAST Barbell Needle Bearings
7 Storing the IFAST Barbell
8 IFAST Fitness Olympic Weightlifting Bar Review
8.1 Check Out The IFAST Fitness Olympic Weightlifting Bar
9 IFAST Fitness Olympic Weightlifting Bar
9.1 Knurling
9.2 Spin
9.3 Tensile strength
9.4 Aesthetics
9.5 Needle bearings
9.6 Related


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IFAST 7ft Barbell Bar



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