The important point of fitness is to proceed step by step, from 0 to 10 can not be passed in one step, even if someone sets a precedent, it is only a rare case, not universal.


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For most people, the first step in fitness starts with freehand training, because most of the body's muscles can be trained by using the body's weight. But this method cannot help us achieve the desired goal for a long time, because it has a ceiling, and after reaching a certain level, the effect will be extremely slow. At this time, we must make some breakthroughs, that is, increase the difficulty and load.

In the selection of home fitness equipment, IFAST recommends that everyone use resistance bands to assist their training.

An resistance band can be said to be the easiest fitness equipment. It is not only light to carry but also takes up almost no space. The most important thing is that it is very cheap.

In the impression of many people, the resistance band is just a small tool to warm up, and they don't care about its powerful functions at all.

An resistance band can almost simulate most of the equipment training, such as the chest, back, legs, shoulders, arms and other major muscle groups of the body can be trained through the resistance band.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who performed superbly during the World Cup, his leg muscles can be said to kill the public. He values his leg training very seriously, and he will continue to exercise at home, so it will help him shine on the court.

Ronaldo's training methods often use resistance bands because it is so easy to use.

Below IFAST shares 3 exercises with resistance bands for leg training, which can help shape the legs well.

Resistance band squats


Resistance band squats


Squatting is of course essential for leg training. Adding an resistance band to the squat can not only increase the resistance of the legs but also add a lot of fun.

Put the resistance band on your feet and ankles, then quickly open your legs to abduct, and then do a squat movement, which can effectively exercise the inner and back muscles of the thigh.

If you feel that it is not enjoyable enough, you can hold a heavy object in your hand to increase the load.


Resistance band seated leg extensions

Resistance band seated leg extensions


This action is simulated gym equipment, which mainly stimulates the quadriceps.

Put the resistance band on the ankle, and the other end can sit under the buttocks. When raising the leg, the movement should be slow. Do not let the leg fully straighten, so as not to damage the knee. When it reaches the peak, stay for 0.5-1 second and feel the thigh The contraction of the head muscles, and then slowly fall.


Resistance Band Booty


Resistance Band Booty


Although these exercises are not as good as the training results of the gym, they are many times stronger than freehand training. When using resistance bands to assist in fitness, you must pay attention to controlling both ends to prevent one end from bouncing up, which is also very painful.




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