If you want to exercise your arm muscles at home, what kind of equipments would you choose to exercise your arm muscles? Our training exercises are diverse, and our equipments are also diverse. You can prepare a pair of dumbbells with appropriate weights at home, which will facilitate your daily training.

But today we are not going to tell everyone about arm training using dumbbells. What we want to tell you today is that arm training using resistance bands is a training activity, which is very suitable to be done at home. If you are a girl, then you can also complete these exercises, which will help you burn the excess fat in your arms and make your arms very beautiful.

Advantages and disadvantages of resistance band exercise arms

Better assisted training

The remedy mentioned here means that if you want to exercise your arms, you must first understand the physiological structure of the arm muscles. The arm muscles are composed of the biceps, triceps, and brachial muscles. The biceps are divided into long The position of the head and the short head is the most obvious place of the hand ratio. It can be said to be the facade muscles of the arm. Its function is to allow the forearm to bend and rotate outward at the elbow joint when it is near fixed. The big arm is flexed and adducted at the shoulder joint. This is of course when the two heads are fixed far away; the triceps is divided into three parts: the long head, the short head, and the medial head. The lateral head can only assist the forearm to extend at the elbow joint, and the long head is responsible for the forearm elbow extension function, but also allows the forearm to be retracted and extended at the shoulder joint. When it is fixed far, the forearm is extended at the elbow joint; brachialis Located in the deep layer of the second head, its function is to flex the forearm at the elbow joint.

The advantages of resistance band exercise arm performance

First of all, the resistance provided by the resistance band is variable, which can help you improve the training intensity very well. Depending on the angle of action, the resistance generated will also be different, allowing you to reduce the load-bearing resistance at the weakest joint position or the strongest position. Increase the weight-bearing of the joints.

Secondly, using resistance bands can challenge your eccentric control. When we are doing curls, the arms do free-fall motion trajectories, which will make you lose more than 50% of your muscle training efficiency. Resistance bands can help you improve very well. In this situation, because the resistance of the elastic band will produce a greater eccentric speed, this requires the body to stabilize the body with greater strength to strengthen your eccentric process.


Resistance band arm workout

1.Banded Tricep Extension


Banded Tricep Extension


We need to fix the resistance band to a firm object, you can also clamp it with the door slit, or you can step on the resistance band with your foot. After fixing your resistance band, we need to hold the resistance band backward. In this posture, we need to keep the back straight at all times, and then complete this arm flexion and extension movement later.


2.One arm back curl with resistance band 


One arm back curl with resistance band


Before we do this exercise, we still have to fix our resistance band, and then use the resistance of the elastic band to complete this post-bending movement. Since this is a unilateral training exercise, we need to alternate arms on both sides. Finish.

It’s okay if you don’t know how to do this action because we have given you a detailed picture demonstration above for your reference. You can do this action according to the content of the picture demonstration. You only need to ensure your strength. Just focus on the arm muscles.


3.One arm side curl with resistance band


One arm side curl with resistance band


This action can help us exercise the biceps muscles very well. If you want to make your arm muscles look stronger, then this is a good action. We still have to fix the resistance band and keep the back straight at all times. When doing this curl, we must ensure that our biceps are exerting force and reduce the participation of other muscle groups in the arm.

4.Pull the resistance band to surround the side lunge


Pull the resistance band to surround the side lunge


The last action is called side lunge pulling the elastic band around. Before we do this action, we still need to fix our elastic band, and then pull the other end of the elastic band with one arm, lift her, and use our Do this looping movement with the shoulders. This movement can help us exercise the shoulder muscles and make our upper limbs look more harmonious.

In addition to helping you exercise your shoulder muscles, this exercise can also help us move our joints. It can be used as a daily relaxation exercise. This can effectively help you relieve the pressure of today's work and keep you away from waist and shoulder strain.


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