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If you can't go to the gym and want to use resistance bands to strengthen your muscles, you must continue to look down.

Today IFAST will introduce 9 exercises of resistance band chest training. As long as the method is correct, the resistance band can become a sharp tool to increase muscle!

Action 1: Banded saws

Target: medial pectoral muscle

Fix the resistance band at the chest height, hold the resistance band in one hand, drive with the elbow, and extend the arm to the other side of the body.

After fully squeezing the chest muscle into place, restore it.


Banded saws


Action 2: Crossover pushups

Target: medial pectoral muscle

Hold the resistance band with one hand, first complete a push up, and then the hand holding the resistance band crosses the body laterally.


Crossover pushups


Action 3. Fast push ups

Target: middle and lower part of pectoral muscle

Wrap the resistance band around the upper back and grasp it with both hands. First bend the elbow to let the body sink fully, and then stretch the elbow with explosive force to make the body stand up as soon as possible.


Fast push ups


Action 4: Banded bench press

Target: middle and lower part of pectoral muscle

Let the resistance band bypass the bench from below and grasp it with both hands, and then you can use its resistance to push.

Also, stretch your elbows quickly, not slowly.


Banded bench press


Action 5: Surround push

Target: middle and lower part of pectoral muscle

Tie the resistance band firmly behind your body, hold both sides of the resistance band with both hands, and open your elbows a little outward to simulate the action mode of bench press.

At the peak, gather your hands together to further make your chest muscles contract more in place.


Surround push


Action 6: Supine straight arm pull up

Target: upper chest

Lie on your back on the floor with one end of the resistance band fixed behind you. Hold the other end with both hands and pull it from the head to the top of the chest.

Note that the backs of your hands should stick together and squeeze each other. This will bring the elbows closer to each other and bring more full contraction to the chest muscles.


Supine straight arm pull up


Action 7: Crawl and punch

Target: upper chest

Lie prone on the floor, and the resistance belt is fixed on the same plane. Grasp the resistance band with one hand and stretch it in front of your body.


Crawl and punch


Action 8: Stretch and flex the resistance belt arm

Target: Lower chest

There are two versions of this action. The first version is to wrap the resistance band around the knee to provide some auxiliary force to make it easier to bend and extend the arm. Suitable for novices

The second version is to increase the resistance of arm flexion and extension by bypassing the resistance band around the neck.


Stretch and flex the resistance belt arm


Action 9: Cavalier clip chest

Target: lower chest

Fix the resistance band in a lower position and hold it with one hand. Then through the contraction of the pectoral muscle, let the biceps close to the chest.


Cavalier clip chest
If you want to use resistance band to exercise other parts of the body,you can click link blow:


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