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Everyone knows that dumbbells and barbells are the two most basic pieces of equipment in weight training. We call their training methods "Free Weights".

For you who started to do weight training, have you ever thought about the difference between these two pieces of equipment? For the same training, is it better to use barbells or dumbbells? This article will compare the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of equipment so that you can clearly understand whether you are suitable for dumbbells or barbells.

Dumbbells consist of a short bar with weights on both ends, and are mainly designed for one-handed grip; while barbells are composed of a long bar with weights on both ends, and are mainly designed for two-handed training. Dumbbells and barbells, as you know, can perform many kinds of training exercises, such as biceps curl or deltoid shoulder press. Both dumbbells and barbells can be used for training, but which kind of training is better Woolen cloth? Let's analyze the difference between the two.


Advantages of dumbbell workout




1.Allow independent training of both arms

Dumbbells allow the arms on both sides to be independently trained. For example, the muscles of our common dominant side will be stronger, and relatively speaking, the muscle strength will be better. When you use dumbbells for training exercises, this unbalanced state on both sides will become very obvious. At this time, you will find that the weaker arm may have begun to be unstable or even exhausted unilaterally. At this time, dumbbells can help correct the imbalance of strength, and can also independently train weaker unilateral muscles. For example, if your chest is larger on the left side than on the right side, you can use a one-arm bench press to correct this muscular imbalance.


2.Provide a greater range of motion

Although dumbbells can provide a more comprehensive range of motion, it should be noted that when the dumbbells are lowered (for example, bench press), the greater the torque (pressure) applied to the shoulder joints, this is for the muscles. A weak shoulder joint is dangerous.


3.Strengthen the stability of the body core

Training with dumbbells can help stabilize muscles and improve muscle coordination because you have to control independent arm movements on both sides instead of using both arms at the same time. This will make dumbbell training more complicated. stability. In other words, your muscles will have to do more work to keep the body and the training muscles stable.


4.Choose single arm or alternate training

Because two independent tools are used for training, it is possible to perform alternate training exercises, such as alternate bench presses, one arm presses the dumbbells, and the other arm lowering the dumbbells or single-arm exercises. For example: perform all repetitive training operations on one arm.

For many athletes, alternate exercises and single-arm exercises provide a more specific way of training sports characteristics, because many sports involve single-arm exercises. For an example baseball pitcher, volleyball, badminton, etc. It is not an exercise that uses both arms to move at the same time, and dumbbells can be used to strengthen unilateral muscle strength.


Disadvantages of dumbbell workout

1.Unable to provide large weight

Although the lowering angle with dumbbells is greater than that of barbells, dumbbells cannot provide a heavyweight like a barbell for training. Any experienced weightlifter can tell you that nothing can be heavier than a barbell bench press. For example: if you can bench press 20 kg with one hand with dumbbells, then your barbell is likely to be able to bench press 50 kg.


2.Many exercises are not related to dumbbells

Many sports, such as Olympic weightlifting, squats, and weightlifting are not related to dumbbells. Although you can certainly use dumbbells for these movements, they are generally not that effective. Some exercises only require a certain amount of explosive power, which is beyond the reach of dumbbells


3.Not the best equipment for progress

According to some statistics, when you use a barbell for the same exercise, most people's strength will increase by 20%. Therefore, most people will also find that it is easier to train with a barbell instead of a dumbbell. The result is predictable because a barbell allows you to lift heavier weights, because you don’t have to worry about your body needing more stability, plus you actually use two hands to lift a weight instead of Raising it with one hand.


Advantages of barbell workout




1.You can increase the weight

Because of this, you should do barbell training before you use dumbbells because barbells can allow you to use more weight faster, and it will not make you obviously feel the difference in bilateral muscle strength. After a time, you can increase your weight strength. This is also a bilateral training mode that dumbbells cannot do. Therefore, barbells can increase your progress in a short time.

2.The load on the spine is the same

When you use a barbell to train, because you use both hands to hold a bar to exert force, the balancing force of the body will be much less than that of dumbbells, so the pressure on the spine will be more even.


Disadvantages of barbell workout

1.Unnatural movement patterns

After using the barbell, you can feel that your hands are tied together. This will also cause some restrictions on the angle of movement and trajectory. It is similar to mechanical equipment, which easily forces your shoulders and elbows to pass through. Do training in an unnatural mode. In other words, your hands cannot be rotated in any direction, which will force your elbows and shoulders to compensate. After a long period of training, it is likely that your joints will get pain. Or hurt.


2.Let the stable muscle groups participate less

Because the barbell is training equipment for two arms to exercise together, the difference in bilateral symmetrical muscle strength is less obvious, so the body does not need too many core stabilizing muscle groups to participate in the coordination.


3.Can't provide a large range of motion

Barbells cannot provide a larger range of motion and range of movement. For example, after a bench press, dumbbells can expand the angle and range of descent, allowing the muscles to stretch to a greater and better range, while the barbell can only be lowered to Stop on the chest.


4.Not suitable for wrist sports

Many bodybuilders have discovered that the training dumbbells on the wrist can be adjusted at more angles than the barbell. They can bend in or rotate the wrist slightly to do exercises.

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