Many boys have been struggling not to develop their abdominal muscles after they have succeeded in losing weight. The fitness goal of many boys is to develop their abdominal muscles. After all, people nowadays also look at their bodies as well as their faces.

And a good-looking figure is also a symbol of a person's confidence and ability. People with muscular bodies will have more self-discipline in life than those who do not exercise, and their mentality is much better than ordinary people. However, it is not easy to develop abs muscles.

The main reasons why abs muscles are difficult to train are:

1. Your abdominal fat itself is more, and the amount of abdominal exercise is relatively the least.

2. If you want to get the abdominal muscles, you must fully train their abdominal muscles.

3. To train the abdominal muscles, you also need to know the needs of abdominal training. We all know that abdominal muscles cannot be obtained through rapid training. This is a process of muscle growth and accumulation.

Therefore, when doing abdominal training, you need to pay attention to these three aspects, stick to them, and have patience and energy, so that you can avoid detours and help you develop abdominal muscles.

The first aspect, the premise of the appearance of abdominal muscles: low body fat rate

Simply put, if you want to develop abdominal muscles, you need to lower your body fat rate. Boys generally drop to 8-15%. In such a state of low body fat rate, to perform abdominal abuse training, the abdominal muscles can appear relatively quickly.

If your body fat rate exceeds 15%, then don’t rush to get your abdominal muscles. You should start with aerobic exercise or high-intensity training and brush fat. At the same time, use abdominal muscle training as a supplement. Abdominal muscles.

The second aspect, supplement enough protein

Muscle recovery and synthesis require protein to provide energy, and at the same time high-quality fat and an appropriate amount of carbon water to improve power. Whether you are thin or fat, protein supplements are very necessary.

Protein provides energy in the body and can provide a feeling of fullness. When digesting protein, can also help the body consume some calories and help reduce fat. Therefore, while reducing body fat rate, maintaining a high protein intake can help make your abdominal muscles appear faster.

The third aspect, abdominal muscles and abdominal muscle training

1.To develop abdominal muscles, you need to understand that the abdominal muscles are not composed of a single muscle group. The abdominal muscles are mainly composed of upper and lower rectus abdominis, transversus abdominis, oblique abdominis and other small muscle groups. If you want to train good-looking abdominal muscles, you can train these 4 parts in an all-around way.

2. Although the training of the abdominal muscles is targeted, the training of the whole body cannot be ignored. The abdominal muscles belong to the core muscle group and coordinate the development of the whole body muscles, thereby driving the abdominal muscles to participate in the exercise together, and the muscle development speed will be faster.

3. The intensity and difficulty of abdominal training, choose the abdominal training method that suits you, and insist on abdominal training 2-3 times a week. The growth of muscles requires a long rest area to recover, so 2-3 days of training is enough.

4. In the process of abdomen abuse, learn to adjust the plan, intensity, difficulty and rest time of abdominal training so that you can get good-looking abdominal muscles faster.

Here are 6 classic abdominal muscle training exercises, so that you can increase the intensity and difficulty of the exercise.

It doesn't matter if you can't complete some exercises at the beginning. Start with simple exercises and then try more difficult exercises. This is very effective for abdominal muscle training.

1. Lying Leg Raises (20-25 times)

Lying Leg Raises

2. V-Up (15-20 times)




3. Raised Leg Crunch (15-20 times)

Raised Leg Crunch

4. Cable Crunch  (20 times)

Cable Crunch

5. Hanging Leg Raise   (20 times)

Hanging Leg Raise

6. Standing Cable Twist (15 times)

Standing Cable Twist
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