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2022 Happy New Year


The new year has begun. When planning for the new year, a fitness plan is always indispensable if you want to become a better version of yourself.

How to make the best New Year's fitness resolution?

Develop a suitable workout plan, and it will succeed in a fraction of the time.

If you do not choose the right direction, you will often get half the result with half the effort, and it is often difficult to persist for a long time.

Before doing a workout plan, focus on the following specific issues.

Know yourself and position it reasonably

1.What are the characteristics of my body shape?

2. Have I had any fitness experience before?


Set goals and clear directions

1.In the next year, I need to lose fat, which will make my body look more vigorous and firmer.

2. I want to increase my muscles and make myself stronger and stronger and more vigorous. 3. Which parts of my body need to be refined and which parts I need to work hard to improve.


New Year resolution



Choose a fitness environment

1.Where is my main exercise location? What equipment and venues are available for me to use? In the gym or school playground or at home.

2.How much time can I spend on fitness every week?



Do I cook it myself or eat it in therestaurant, do I need to prepare other food supplements?

After thinking about these issues, then we can start to make a new year's fitness plan.

At the same time, it should be refined from the year to each month, and then to each week.

Specifically, the plan should be reflected in the following aspects.

The allocation of fitness time

1.How many exercises can I take part in a week?

2.How much fitness time did you spend this week?


Training items


2022 running


1.In order to achieve my fitness goals, what fitness items do I need to do?

2.Exercise intensity: when doing aerobic exercise, you need to consider the specific time, endurance, and speed; when doing anaerobic exercise, you need to consider the number of times, groups, and weight.

Reasonable nutritional collocation

In order to achieve my fitness goals, how much and what should I eat every day? When to eat?

Here is a specific example to illustrate the process of making a fitness plan.

Know yourself and locate accurately. I usually run a lot and my goal is to gain muscle, so I need to do strength training.

The next step is to focus on the specific lines of the muscles, as well as to increase fat and muscle.


Exercise schedule

Training three to six times a week, focusing on training one part a day.

The daily training plan is subdivided into latissimus dorsi training, large and small arm training, chest training, and large and small leg training.

One part of the week should not exceed two days at most.

For general abdominal muscle and core strength training, it is best to schedule more than three days a week, basically about 20 minutes each time.


Exercise intensity and items

Before strength training, jog for about 15 minutes to warm up.

Then do specific strength exercises,

Then there is the exercise of abdominal muscles and core strength.

If you need to increase muscle strength and muscle harmony, stretching is also essential.


A reasonable combination of nutritious diet

Before training, you must take in the necessary energy before training to ensure that you can enter the best state during fitness. If the goal is to gain muscle, focus on intake of fresh water compounds and protein.

If you persist in doing one thing for more than 21 days, then it will be integrated into your life and become your habit.

A new year, a new beginning, a fitness plan has been made.

Come on, work hard, and become a better version of yourself.

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