A beautifully decorated Christmas tree will brighten everyone's eyes during the holiday season. The following will teach you how to decorate a beautiful and classic Christmas tree.



Pine, fir tree



1.Choose a Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is the basis of your decoration, so you must carefully choose a good-looking Christmas tree. Some people like the appearance and smell of pine and fir trees, while some people like fake trees that look fake. No matter what you choose, you need to consider the following:

The shape of the tree should be nice. If you choose a real tree, you need to find a tree whose branches are more evenly spaced and whose overall shape is gradually upward. If you use fake trees and make your branches, try not to make the gaps between each layer of branches too obvious.


chrietmas tree


Use tree stands and guards. If you choose to use a real tree, you also need a device to provide water for it. Putting guards around the tree will prevent the pine needles from falling to the floor and make it easier to clean.

Decorate some colorful lights. If you have decided to use artificial trees, you can buy some Christmas lights to hang on the branches. Hanging lights is the most difficult step for many people. If you skip this step, you can spend more time and energy decorating your tree in other ways.


2.Pick a color

Adopting a color theme will make your Christmas tree look more integrated. Remember, you have to choose some colors that do not conflict with the color of the room. You may need to use some childlike or ancestral accessories to decorate other places. Here are some popular color schemes you can try:

Classic Christmas colors, red and green. The green tree is decorated with red ornaments, ribbons, and garlands. If you want to add some metal to look more vibrant, choose gold or silver. The effect of the red and green style Christmas tree is very good.


pink christmas tree


Winter colors such as blue, silver and purple. You can dress your tree in an icy, sparkling snowy Christmas style. If you choose this option, try not to use red or golden yellow. Use bright or blue lights. For a truly simple winter look, white and silver decorations are the most suitable.

Metallic colors, such as gold, silver, and copper. Metal colors are easy to match, you can use one, two, or even three colors. It is best to use brighter lights.

3.Use small lights

The tiny flickering light will make your Christmas tree look more delicate than a larger light bulb. Remember that your light bulbs are just for decorative effects, don't be too conspicuous.

Try to choose light bulbs that do not play music or flashlights, and it is best to have the same color theme. If you want to be on the safe side, choose white lights.



Hang up the light first. Hanging a bunch of light bulbs is the hardest part of decorating a Christmas tree. But if you operate it correctly, the effect of the light bulb is also the most prominent. Follow the recommendations below:

Hang the lights from top to bottom, and hide the wire behind the branches.If you don’t know how to see if it is even, steps back 3 meters and look again. Pay attention to areas that are particularly bright or dark.


4.Hang garlands or ribbons

Once you have decorated the lights, you can start hanging any decorations. You can choose according to your personal preferences, but you have to consider these issues:

Try to avoid using fluffy wire. Fluffy tinsel was the most common material for decorating Christmas trees in the mid-20th century, but they are now obsolete. If you want your Christmas tree to look shiny, you can use a small piece of aluminum foil to make the shape of a tree and a star.



Plastic icicles are not easy to use for decoration. If you have ever successfully decorated, you may know how to not show obvious plastic texture; if you have not decorated, choose other things to decorate.

If you like popcorn-like garlands, choose white ones. This means popcorn that has not been buttered. In this way, it will look more elegant, and white will work better than light yellow.

Metal or plastic beaded garlands are easy to decorate. As long as you choose a suitable color, a string of gold metal balls or stars will look good. Hang them evenly on the tree-like light bulbs.

Use wire or mesh belt. If you want to hang a ribbon garland, choose one that can maintain the shape without distortion. Choose a medium-width ribbon, so that it looks better from a distance, but it shouldn't be too large, so it won't be easy to hang on the tree. According to the length of the ribbon evenly distributed on the tree, this visual effect is better.


5.Hang ornaments

Because the accessories are more delicate and easier to move, it is best to put them after all the problems are solved. From top to bottom, and try to spread evenly. Remember to put some in the depths of the tree.

If you are going to use a mix of light bulb decorations and professional accessories, put the light bulb first. Use them as a basis. Then you choose where to put the accessories so that these things are presented.

Consider the bottom of the tree. If you have pets or children, try not to put too expensive things, because they can easily knock the tree down. If not, you can add some more lights or garlands.

You can even use some videos that are not often used to decorate trees. Such as candy and other things that kids like. You can also use pine cones and fruits

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