If you want to work out, you may immediately think of going to the gym. Don’t worry. Fitness is not a three-minute passion. It requires unremitting persistence! What I want to say is that home fitness is the mainstream now! Listen to our reasons!

Why set up a home gym

1.There is no obvious difference between fitness at home and gym. The key point is where it is easier for you to stick to fitness because the whole essence of fitness is almost persistence. We have counted that only 3-5 of the 100 members who apply for the annual fitness card can persist to the end. You may be one of them, but it is more likely that you are not. You must know that most of the profitability of the fitness center depends on these members who do not come!

Of course, you have confidence in yourself and have decided to go to the gym. It does not matter. We strongly recommend that you apply for a monthly fitness card and listen to your inner feelings first. Be sure to resist the unspoken rules of the gym!

2.Family fitness has more advantages in time. Most of us are ordinary office workers, and many college students are not the kind of wealthy and leisurely people. It can be said that there are still life pressures. Therefore, it is most reasonable to use the fragmented time at home for 45-60 minutes of fitness every day. It is a luxury for us to set aside time for the gym and wasted it on the way back and forth!

3.Regarding equipment. Setting up a home gym requires equipment and investment. It must be expensive, right? Did you know that a pair of dumbbells can train your body muscles? A few pairs of dumbbells and a dumbbell bench can form the simplest home gym. Do you think it is expensive? But The cost of the annual fitness card, which is thousands of dollars, is much more cost-effective than the start-up. You must know that the purchase of equipment is a one-time investment, and the annual fitness card needs to be renewed every year.

4.In the end, you will say that no one will guide you when you practice at home, but you can hire a personal trainer when you go to the gym. Of course, you can ask for a personal trainer. Someone can give you guidance. You can avoid detours, but you must carefully check before you ask for a coach. I hope you will hire a coach instead of a sales consultant.


How to set up a home gym?


Fitness at home is of course not no one to guide, IFAST Fitness blog has everything you need to ensure that you can obtain the most professional fitness knowledge and at the same time cultivate your own self-learning ability. This is called internal and external training!! How did the character reverse! Take action now, build your own gym, and invest in health!

1.To set up a home gym, adjustable dumbbells are a must! It can train the muscles of the whole body! Even if you go to a professional fitness center, the most equipment you see is dumbbells. How to choose the weight of adjustable dumbbells, you can refer to it!



adjustable dumbbells workout


44 LB 、66LB Adjustable Dumbbells Weight Set | IFAST


2.The weight bench can help you complete various dumbbell exercises, especially the incline dumbbell press that has a good effect on the pectoralis major muscle. Of course, weight bench can be used to adjust the angle instead of sit-up benches.


weight bench ifast

 Adjustable weight bench with 12 Positions 


3.A good pair of weightlifting gloves can protect your wrists from injury, and prevent calluses from being worn out by the equipment. Don't let your girlfriend protest against you when holding hands! 

4.Exercise bikes are essential for aerobic exercise and are also the core equipment of home gyms.


exercise bike ifast


Exercise Bike With 36lb Heavy Chrome 

What do you need to do to create a comprehensive home gym?

The comprehensive fitness area requires a relatively independent space, which is more suitable for homeowners with larger homes. When arranging, pay attention to placing the fitness area in the dynamic space of the home as much as possible, and it is best to avoid quiet areas such as elderly rooms, baby rooms, and study rooms.


1.Wall design

Mirror wall


home workout


In addition to taking selfies (mistakes!), the mirror in the gym is actually for you to check whether your actions are correct at all times and to clearly observe the changes in your body.


Fitness record wall



You can also use blackboard walls or cork boards instead to record your own fitness and make daily fitness plans.


2.Floor laying




Carpets or foam mats are best placed where heavy equipment such as comprehensive fitness equipment and barbells are placed to protect the ground and reduce noise.


3.Fitness equipment storage area


Dumbbell rack



The dumbbells of different weights are neatly placed on the dumbbell rack, which is very easy to use at a glance.


Clear storage rack against the wall


Clear storage rack against the wall


Using storage racks against the wall, storage cabinets or even trolleys is a simpler way to store fitness equipment, but storage itself is not the purpose. Clearly categorizing sports equipment into categories will make you more organized at home.

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