In the process of fitness, many friends don't like to practice the back, but regular back training plays an important role in the coordinated development of the whole body and the uprightness of the posture. Therefore, whether we like it or not, we should pay attention to back training. Then in the back training movement, there are more movements using fixed equipment, because one of the advantages of fixed equipment is that it can make the movement relatively isolated and form better stimulation to the target muscle.


one-arm dumbbells rows


However, in the training process, in addition to allowing the target muscles to form a comprehensive and effective stimulation, we must also pay attention to the coordinated development of the muscles on both sides. To achieve this, the use of unilateral movements is an effective means, while in the back This action during training is to lean over and row with one-arm dumbbells.

From the perspective of exercise goals, single-arm dumbbell rowing will help us stimulate the middle of the latissimus dorsi. It can not only help us widen the back, but also thicken the back. It is a very classic and effective back-training exercise. So today, I will talk about the one-arm dumbbell rowing action from three aspects: action advantages, action details, and precautions.

The advantages of one-arm dumbbell rowing

Advantage 1: Solve the problem of uncoordinated development on both sides

The significant advantage of unilateral action is that it allows the muscles on both sides to receive different stimulations so that we can adjust according to the development of our muscles on both sides, and coordinate the development of both sides by strengthening the training on the weak side.

Advantage 2: Unilateral movements are relatively isolated and can increase the range of movements so that the target muscles can be stimulated more deeply

Of course, this is also the advantage of using dumbbells. Using dumbbells allows us to integrate the equipment with the body, to maximize the range of motion, which cannot be achieved by using a barbell. Compared with the leaning double-arm dumbbell rowing, the unilateral movement will make the body more stable due to the fixed support on one side, and make the movement more isolated, so that the target muscles can be stimulated more effectively.

Advantage 3: Use dumbbells are economical and convenient, and you can complete exercises at home


1 arm dumbbell row


One-arm dumbbell rowing action essentials

Standing on the side of the flat stool, one arm is supported on the surface of the stool, the same side leg is bent on the stool, and the hips are back. Bend forward and keep your back straight. Bend, hold the dumbbell with your outer arm to droop naturally, tighten your shoulder blades

Exhale, the back muscles force the arm to bend the elbow, so that the arm slides along the body toward the buttocks, and the apex stops briefly to contract the back muscles

Then breathe in, slowly restore, and feel the stretch of the back muscles

Precautions for one-arm dumbbell rowing

After understanding the essentials of the action, it is not as simple as the essentials to complete the action well. It is also necessary to pay attention to some details to avoid mistakes and make the action more perfect. Then what else do we need to pay attention to during the action?

Mistake 1: Keep your back straight, don’t hunch your back, and don’t collapse your waist

It can be said that keeping the back straight is suitable for almost all movements. The purpose is to keep the body stable and the core tightening to avoid the phenomenon of borrowing during the movement. Then during the one-arm dumbbell rowing action, the arched back, the back multifidus, and erector spinae, and other deep muscles are not tightened; when the waist is collapsed, the abdominal transversus abdominis and internal and external oblique muscles are not exerting force.

Therefore, during the process, we must maintain the connection between the back of the head, the middle of the back, and the sacrum in a straight line, the shoulders should sink and contract backward, the waist should be tightened to a natural physiological curvature, and the abdomen should be tightened to tighten the whole trunk.

Mistake 2: Swipe the arm to the hip instead of up and down

In the up and down motion trajectory, moving the arm up and down will pull up the weight of the trapezius muscle and the strength of the arm. Although this allows us to lift a heavier weight, it does not form an effective stimulus for the back.

Therefore, in the initial stage of the movement, we must use heavyweights but use small weights or even freehand movements to complete, and during the movement, we should pay attention to drawing the elbows toward the hips instead of pulling upwards.

Mistake 3: The movement range cannot be too large, but it cannot be completed to keep the body stable

One of the advantages of using dumbbell rowing is that it allows us to maximize the range of motion. Therefore, we need to twist the body appropriately during the moving process, so that the back muscles can be effectively contracted and squeezed at the peak of the motion, and let the back muscles be effectively contracted and squeezed during the restoration. The back muscles are effectively stretched.

If the upper limbs are completely fixed except for the arm during the movement, the movement range will be limited and the target muscle cannot be stimulated more effectively.

On the contrary, if the body is twisted too much, it will cause too much inertia to cause the stimulation of the target muscle to be reduced.

Mistake 4: Excessive opening of the elbow, making the rowing a lift

In the process of rowing, what we have to do is to make the arm close to the torso and row backward. If the angle between the elbow and the torso is too large (45°-75°), the stimulation target will be transferred to the rear deltoid muscle. Of course, At this time, it cannot be said that the action is wrong, but at this time it is not a back exercise, but a shoulder exercise.

Therefore, the purpose of our training is the back muscles, so the angle between our elbows and torso should be reduced so that the elbows stick to the torso and drawback.

One-arm dumbbell rowing is a very convenient back training exercise. When we cannot go to the gym, we can use this exercise for back training. Although it will be relatively one-sided for the entire back muscle group, it is convenient and easy to do. , As long as we can hold a heavy object to complete the action. Of course, to make this action play its advantages, we must not only pay attention to the relevant details and avoid mistakes but also feel the action with our heart. Under the premise of ensuring the norms of the action, we must find a way to allow us to complete the action in a comfortable posture.

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