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Structure of exercise bikes

The best exercise bike is basically similar to the ordinary bicycle, including handlebar, seat, pedal and wheel. The body is firmly connected into a whole. Unlike ordinary bicycles, it can be adjusted to make the rider feel more comfortable. Before getting on the car, the height of the seat must be determined first. Usually, the height is subject to the height when standing on the ground, raising the thigh and level with the ground. In this way, the angle between thigh and calf will not be too small when riding, thus reducing the burden on the knee and avoiding damage to it; Then, the position of the handlebar is determined by the seat position. It is most appropriate to hold the handlebar in front of the handle, and the elbow is the most suitable position. The body should be compact, and the arm extending to the front does not feel like it is hard. The height of the handlebar can also be raised and lowered according to the rider's figure. Here are some detailed structural analysis of the motor cycle.

The head of the exercise bikes: it is composed of handle and kettle frame. The design of the water bottle rack is to consider the need for water replenishment for long-term fitness.





Mudguard: a fender located between the vehicle body and the brake system. The function of the fender is similar to that of ordinary bicycle, and it is used to protect the flywheel from sweat and rust.

Flywheel: the main function of flywheel is counterweight, that is, increase the load of movement to play a role in increasing training intensity.

Electronic brake system: many motor bikes are equipped with electronic braking system, which also allows many cyclists to control and grasp the rhythm better when they are tired.

Crank and foot pedal: This is also a similar structure of ordinary bicycles, which plays a driving role in bridge. Most of the functions of dynamic bicycles are reflected through this.

Seats: the height of the dynamic bicycle seat can be adjusted conveniently. This is to make people of different height adapt to the same bicycle, which is a very humanized design.

Body fixing frame: This is an integral frame support structure of the motor cycle. Basically, all the fixed frames of the motor cycle are made of metal, which is also the main reason why the motor bike can support people who have exceeded the weight.


Are exercise bikes good for losing weight?

Science has proved that cycling is a very good aerobic metabolic exercise, which can have a healthy impact on the human body, especially for preventing obesity and reshaping the body. The m-bike, which is popular all over the world, is a kind of practice through different speeds and resistances. This kind of movement is either pedaling in a sitting position or standing position on a bicycle, and sometimes it can simulate natural riding movements such as uphill and downhill. It can effectively strengthen the muscle endurance and cardiopulmonary function in happy exercise, and at the same time, it will burn a lot of fat to achieve the purpose of weight loss.


How to use exercise bikes for weight loss?


exercise bike for home workout


1.Warm up

Before the m-bike project, in addition to doing some low-intensity exercise, there will be targeted warm-up procedures in the formal classroom. More easily injured knees, easy to fatigue thighs, waist should attach great importance to.


2.Leg stretch

Because the thigh is the center of m-bike, pay special attention to the strain. Try to separate the legs, bend the left knee, squat down, transfer the body weight to the left, fully extend the right leg, pay attention to the toes forward, feel the inner thigh muscles taut, and then hold on for 5 seconds, change legs and do it again. You can also stretch your legs with instruments. Hold the handlebar with both hands, lift the left leg and put it on the beam of the bicycle, extend the right leg backward, lean the upper body forward slightly, move the ligaments and muscles of the leg, and then change the leg.


3.Side waist extension

When a simulated bicycle passes through an emergency curve, the upper body should shake left and right, and the center of gravity should be controlled by the waist force to ensure that the waist is easy to be injured on the bicycle. You can do a set of simple movements, keep your body straight, keep your lower body still, and twist your upper body 90 degrees; You can also do side waist stretch, legs apart and shoulder width, raise the arm to extend to the top of the head, ensure the body in the same level, the upper body to the right side bending. 5 times on each side.


4.Shoulder pressure

In view of the fact that the whole body leans forward slightly during riding, the pressure on the shoulder joint is very high, so it is necessary to stretch the shoulder joint. Hold the handlebar with both hands, separate the legs, and bend the upper body forward to make the body as close to the ground as possible.



As long as you adjust your sitting posture and walk with rhythm. According to the shape of the handlebar, it can be divided into four handlebar positions to gradually exercise the oblique abdominis, broad back and arms.


What to Look for in an Indoor Cycling Bike?


What to Look for in an Indoor Cycling Bike



To keep your cycling dynamic and challenging, you need to be able to adjust your bike resistance. Hi Tech bikes can let you navigate the resistance level at the touch button, but most options will require you to turn a manual tension knob to feel the resistance level as you ride.


Training mode

Like treadmills, elliptical machines and other fitness machines, indoor bikes can boast a range of exercise modes. If you like to choose an adventure training that you can control your settings, these patterns may not be very important to you. But if you prefer guided exercise, pay attention to this feature.



Cycling will last a long time, so you want a bike that makes you feel supported and comfortable. Look for cushioned seats, cushioned handlebars and wide pedals. Make sure the seats and handlebars are adjustable so you can customize your fit.


High-tech features

Many indoor bikes are equipped with high-tech features such as speakers, fans and rotating displays. These good things may not be necessary, but they can make exercise more fun. So don't be shy about finding features that motivate you to spend more time on your bike.


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