For arm workouts, I believe that all men will not refuse. Strong arms give people a very strong sense of security, and in summer, wearing short sleeves can also see their strong muscles, a man’s best vanity was satisfied.

The barbell curl is a very important action for an arm workout. Many people still understand it, but many people don’t know where the barbell curl exercise is, what are the benefits, and how to do barbell curl. Let's learn more about it!

What muscles do barbell curls train?



barbell curl muscle


Target Muscle: Biceps. Secondary exercise sites: brachialis, brachioradialis, anterior deltoid, upper trapezius, middle trapezius, and wrist flexor.


Benefits of the Barbell Curl

1.Increase upper body weight

But it’s great if you can fill your shirt. If this is your goal, a barbell curl will help. Any time you put pressure on your muscles, it will respond and make you bigger and stronger again. (Assuming that your macro is called and you eat right. Diet is the key.) Although biceps are the muscles you want to exercise and should be exercised in this exercise, your chest, shoulders, and trapezius muscles will even Enter to play a little bit.

In addition, barbell curls can bear heavier weight than other curl exercises. This means you can load your muscles faster and last longer without reaching a plateau.


barbell curl ifast


2.Improve grip

Barbell curls can help improve grip and arm strength, both of which affect tension and performance. Your biceps are moving weight, but your hands, wrists, and forearms support it. All these secondary muscles will be affected, so your grip will be poor.


3.Injury prevention (elbow/arm)

The biceps are responsible for elbow flexion and support the grip muscles in tension and load handling. Weak and underdeveloped biceps can cause grip problems, biceps strain, and in some cases, muscle tears. Stronger biceps are more elastic biceps. Hey, not all benefits are related to padded shirts.


4.They’re accessible

Whether you own a barbell set, a pair of adjustable dumbbells, or even a quality kettlebell — you can curl! You don’t need to haul a cable machine into your home gym to build a set of Larry Scott-like sleeve-huggers. You can do barbell curls in about a square foot if you needed to. They’re simple and easy to execute.


How to do barbell curls?

1.Action preparation

Practitioners generally stand with feet shoulder-width apart, hold the barbell with both sides of the body with both hands, hold the barbell in front of the body, and use a wide grip (or a narrow grip) for the grip of the barbell.


IFAST barbell curl


2.Movement process

The practitioner concentrates the strength of the biceps of the arm to quickly lift the barbell to the position of the clavicle of the neck, then pauses for a while, and then uses the strength of the biceps of the arm to control the barbell to slowly return to the starting position. It is generally recommended that during the barbell curling action, the upward lift is controlled for 1 second, the pause is 1 second, and the recovery is 3 seconds.


3.Action requirements

Practitioners must stand tall and tighten their waist and abdomen during the movement.

The practitioner must clamp both sides of the body with his hands during the movement.

The practitioner exhales when exerting upward force during the movement, and inhales when restoring.


Barbell curls common mistakes

1.Do not pay attention to eccentric training

Many people know how to do barbell curls. After arm curls, you can restore them to complete an action. However, the eccentric training that many people ignore is always fast and release. The number of times that can be done without controlling eccentric training is very high. Many, but a single stimulation of the muscles will be reduced a lot.

The practice of eccentric training is to slowly lower the muscles when the muscles reach the peak contraction and keep the lowering time within 2-4 seconds, which helps to increase the muscles.


2.The action is not complete

I believe that everyone has seen some people doing barbell curls in the gym, but many people did not start to lower their arms parallel to the ground. The reason is that the selected weight is too heavy, which causes the movement to deform, so there is no complete training. , The muscles cannot reach the peak contraction, the growth rate of the muscles will slow down, and the biceps will not be fully trained.


barbell curl wokout


3.The torso is not fixed

Many people have an inertial movement when doing barbell curls, that is, the body follows the arm to swing. This is not good because the body has borrowed force, which reduces the force of the arm. If the body cannot maintain integrity The posture, then, will slow down the muscle exertion, and it will also cause waist injury.


4.The range of motion is different each time

When many people perform barbell curls, the action process is different each time. Such training has very low performance for training, and the training efficiency is also very low.

The reason is that each time the training range is different, it leads to different muscle feelings, resulting in uneven force.



Almost more than 90% of people will have leverage when doing barbell curls. Whether it is shaking back and forth, using leverage, or using the arm, it will cause inefficiency in training.


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