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Barbell Curl Vs Dumbbell Curl


Dumbbell curls and barbell curls are both arm curling exercises performed through the biceps. Adhering to this type of exercise can help our biceps grow. Everyone is very familiar with these two movements. They are the most common exercise movements in the gym. But do you know the difference between dumbbell curl and barbell curl? Where are their main exercise parts?

Difference between dumbbell curl vs barbell curl

Dumbbells Curl

Dumbbell curl muscles worked


Dumbbells curl muscles worked


Dumbbell curls primarily work the biceps brachii, as well as the forearms and shoulders. The difference is that with dumbbells, you're working more of your forearm muscles and obliques to keep your body balanced and upright.


dumbbell curls



  • Dumbbells have a larger range of motion, which can fully contract the biceps so that the full stimulation effect can be achieved!
  • More flexible: you can train with one hand, change the grip, and change the angle more!


  • It is isolateral or unilateral, which means you can only exercise on one side at a time
  • Carrying heavier dumbbells can cause muscle damage and increase the risk of injury

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Barbells curl

Barbell curl muscles worked


barbell curl muscles worked


The most important muscle in the barbell curl exercise is the biceps on the arm. When performing the barbell curl exercise, most people have a certain understanding, because the barbell curl exercise itself is It is a single-joint action. When exercising, only the biceps of the arm can be exercised. Then we naturally use the biceps to exert strength and focus on this during the exercise. This is the most obvious move to exercise the biceps.


  • As far as weight is concerned, barbells can easily obtain large weights, which is also one of the biggest advantages of barbells.
  • The barbell is more stable. Everyone knows that the most taboo thing in the process of exercise is incorrect posture, avoid swaying and shaking. The body will inevitably shake with heavy dumbbells, but if you use a barbell, the whole body will be relatively stable.
  • From the perspective of force, using a barbell can exercise the arm with less strength (usually the left arm is weaker). If you use a barbell, this problem can be solved and promoted. The strength of the left-hand increases.


  • The position of the wrist is a bit unnatural when the barbell is curled, which may cause wrist pain
  • Due to the pole, the range of motion is limited.

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Which is best for you?

Combined with the above introduction, it can be seen that the positions and methods of dumbbell curl and barbell curl training are similar. They all have their unique advantages, as well as certain shortcomings, which do not directly indicate which is better. We must combine our physical conditions to choose a training method that suits us. If you love dumbbell training, choose dumbbells, otherwise barbells. If you are not disgusted with these two, you can alternate training. This can also greatly reduce the singularity of training and increase a certain amount of fitness pleasure.

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