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If you knew a specific exercise could benefit your heart, improve balance, strengthen bones and muscles, and help you lose or maintain weight, wouldn't you want to start? Research shows that strength training can provide all of these benefits and more.

Strength training isn't just about bodybuilders lifting weights in the gym. Regular strength or resistance training is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels and helps prevent the natural loss of lean muscle that comes with aging (the medical term for this loss is sarcopenia). It can also benefit people with chronic health conditions, such as obesity, arthritis, or heart disease.

IFAST and Fit Tiff kicked off a 5 days full body strength training workout plan!💪

Day1 20 Minutes upper body workout

Muscle Group: Biceps and Triceps

Equipment: IFAST hex rubber dumbbells

This 20 minute workout starts off with a quick warm up and ends with a intense bicep burnout.



Day2 20 Minutes Leg workout

Muscle Group: Glutes and Quad

Equipment: IFAST pink barbell bar, weight plates, resistance band

Each of the exercises in this workout will be demonstrated with a barbell and a pair of dumbbells.



Day3 20 Minutes Cardio and abs workout 

Muscle Group: Abs

This workout routine starts off with a no equipment cardio circuit and ends with an intense abs workout to strengthen and tone your abs.



Day4 20 Minutes shoulders and chest

Muscle Group: shoulders and chest

Equipment: IFAST Dumbbells and Weight bench



Day5 20 Minutes lower body workout

Muscle Group: inner thigh and hamstrings

The workout consists of dumbbells exercises to target and tone your inner thighs and hamstrings.



Top 7 Benefits of Strength Training for Women

According to expert analysis, women's strength training, such as weightlifting and equipment, mainly has the following seven benefits:

1.Enhance muscle strength and relieve fatigue from daily work.

Women's maximum strength load can be increased by 30%-50% through weight training. It will be easier to hold children, do laundry, and do housework, but other activities will not easily cause injury.

2.Burns body fat and accelerates "building" muscle

Dr. Wayne of the American YMCA found that women who carried out weight training 2-3 times a week for two consecutive months could lose 1.6 kilograms of fat and "create" nearly 1 kilogram of muscle. Moreover, the powers gained through exercise will continue to burn calories, and 500 grams of force will burn 35 to 50 calories per day. General aerobic exercise can not achieve this effect.

3.Don't worry about overly masculine muscle lines

Because women have far lower muscle-building hormones than men, women typically don't gain weight from weight training. This is one of the reasons why young women in the United States are enthusiastic about strength training.

4.Increase bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis

Many middle-aged and older women in the United States are keen on weight training, mainly for this reason. Through weight training, the calcium content of a woman's spine can increase by 13 percent in just six months. Combined with a proper diet, it can well resist osteoporosis caused by calcium deficiency.

5.Reduces muscle soreness and back pain

Strength training such as weightlifting can promote the development of skeletal muscle and help strengthen the firmness of soft tissue and joints. A recent 12-year survey showed that weight training could successfully reduce and eliminate chronic back pain by as much as 80%.

6.Enhance cardiovascular function and reduce the risk of diabetes

A study by Franklin, MD, of William Beaumont Hospital in Michigan, found that weightlifting exercises can reduce the amount of "bad cholesterol" in the body and increase the amount of "good cholesterol" while also relieving high blood pressure. The study results also found that with weight training for four consecutive months, the body's ability to metabolize glucose will increase by 23%, thereby significantly reducing the risk of diabetes, especially for middle-aged and elderly patients with cardiovascular disease.

7.Enhance self-confidence and improve self-support ability

A Harvard study showed that after ten weeks of strength training, experimental subjects could effectively relieve depression, which is more significant than psychological counseling. Through strength training such as weightlifting, women can enhance their self-confidence, improve their ability to resist external pressure, and have better psychological quality.

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