IFAST Cerakote barbell may look cool, but the corrosion resistance offered by the Cerakote coating is a very effective innovation in barbells.

What is Cerakote barbell?


IFAST Cerakote barbell


Cerakote, while new to strength training, is far from a new coating. Traditionally, it is most commonly used in firearms and is used in many of the world's harshest environments. Cerakote is a ceramic coating that can be sprayed on what you want to protect. For barbells, we've traditionally seen zinc and chrome coatings; we're also starting to see more stainless steel bars. While these coatings have proven to hold up well over time, Cerakote coatings have been shown to outlast chrome and stainless steel by up to 70% in corrosion salt spray testing, according to Cerakote as well as many independent third-party testers. times more than.

In other words, not many coatings are more durable than Cerakote. This is good for barbell owners, as anyone who has lived in a humid environment can attest that barbells can corrode and rust. In my personal use of Cerakote coated bars for six months, including summer, the bars I used almost every day showed no visible corrosion. I can't say the same about any other bar.


What are the benefits of Cerakote barbell?

One of the benefits of Cerakote is that it naturally feels less slick compared to galvanized and chrome barbells. Cerakote feels like a thin layer of permanent chalk on steel. It's a great feel and outperforms all coatings available on the outside of raw rebar (however, raw rebar corrodes almost immediately after use.)


benefits of Cerakote barbell


The Cerakote barbell deposits more on the bar than zinc, so it feels better in the hand while having better corrosion protection. When using Cerakote bars, you will have a huge range of colors to choose from. The US military uses Cerakote on their weapons and many people tend to opt for a Cerakote bar as it offers military-grade protection. IFAST currently provides the 22lb Cerakote bar in pink for women.

How long does Cerakote last on a barbell?

For six months, including summer, there was no visible corrosion of the barbell used every day.


Cerakote barbell maintenance


Barbells with cerakote or other coatings, or even bare steel ones, require regular lubrication; the frequency depends on how often you use the bar.

There are two concepts: lubricating oil and grease

Lubricating oil is mainly used, but grease is also a good choice. If you don’t want to maintain it frequently, you can apply grease that can be stored for a longer time, and the sealing performance is good, which can prevent dirt from running out of the sleeve, and it can Less noise when spinning also reduces vibration, so it's more suitable for powerlifting barbells that spin at low speeds; and lube will work for weightlifting bars.


IFAST pink Olympic bar



The Cerakote Barbell doesn't need to be cleaned very often, just because of its anti-corrosion properties, but as you know, chalk or dirt left in the knurling can affect the grip, so cleaning with a brush is also necessary.

IFAST Cerakote barbell may look cool, but the corrosion resistance offered by the Cerakote coating is a very effective innovation in barbells.


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